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The Philosophy of Mixing (The Art of Mixing Series Book 1) (English Edition)Even though there are many "BOOKS AND VIDEOS OUT THERE THAT TEACH AND TALK "and videos out there that teach and talk mixing not many Of Them Mixing them cover mixing When learning to mix learning about its philosophy and studying the underlying thought processes is as important as learning the rig. ,

Ht mixing techniuesIn this uniue eBook Grammy Awarded Mix Engineer Thomas Juth shares is personal
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on mixing philosophy "also answers uestions such How much time should you spend "answers uestions such as How much time should you a mix and what is the best way to divide the time How do you know when.

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A mix is finished What separates a mix from "A Truly Great One What Are The Things Should "truly great one What the things you should focus on when to become a truly great Mix Engineer The aim with this eBook is to leave you feeling inspired and with a greater understanding about mixin.