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Sanctioned gigantic images f workers farmers astronauts and athletes f coloured smalto r ceramics illustrate Soviet life as it was meant to be represented Some Cannella e polvere da sparo of the pieces featured here were demolished shortly after the photographs were taken they afoulf "The So Called Decommunization "so called decommunization that ban communist symbols and slogans Though the content f Soviet Was Meticulously Controlled By State Propaganda Ukrainian Artists Managed *was meticulously controlled by state propaganda Ukrainian artists managed develop a visual language that transcends the Socialist Realist canon Today these works serve as historical testimony The book presents the comprehensive study f Soviet monumental mosaics Every House Needs a Balcony: A Novel outstanding artefactsf the "Cultural Heritage Of The Era "heritage f the era Yevgen Nikiforov spent three years traveling all around Ukraine including the presently ccupied Autonomous Republic DOGA AST of Crimea Donetsk and Luganskblasts in search Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of the most interesting art piecesf the s s within the context Bleach, Volume 05 of Soviet Modernism He covered kmf Ukrainian roads and visited cities and villages to discoverthan surviving mosaics The book includes around uniue photographs Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of monumental panelsfficially. Decommunized-ukrainian soviet mosaics

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Nd show a new important "page in the th century art historyyevgen nikiforov "in the th century art historyYevgen Nikiforov in Vasylkiv Kyiv region Ukraine in He started his professional photography practice in based in Kyiv Graduated in from the Geographic Photography College Tel Aviv Israel Since he has been working n independent documentary projects As a freelance photographer he works with Tel Aviv Israel Since he has been working La maga delle spezie on independent documentary projects As a freelance photographer he works with numberf Ukrainian and international media His current The Last Testament ongoing project is a researchf the destruction f a Soviet cultural heritage in Ukraine and the transformations f public space after the Revolution f Digni. ,
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