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St I despise novels where the author is blatantly hiding something or a big reveal and keeps throwing it in the reader is blatantly hiding something or a big reveal and keeps throwing it in the reader Chicken, Chicken, Duck! face However Ielt like honesty was thrown into my Inspirations face just as much in this novelThat being said I didn teel any chemistry between the characters although they were likable I also enjoyed the secondary characters particularly the lead couple s amilies I m honestly hoping Rose and Algernon get their own stories and each otherMy major complaint about this story however was how scenes simply cut off Some places seems to have a lot of description leading up to a specific event or conversation Once that happened the scene simply ended Many times I ound myself wanting to know what else happened and that the transition Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You from one scenechapter to the next was smootherOverall it was an enjoyable read but didn t leave an impression I am actually anxious to seen if the heroine s sister and hero s cousin get together This book has intrigued merom the Slo Mo! first pages Theact that a young man would in effect give up his life To Spend What Time He spend what time he with his ather as he lived the last weeks of his life indicated a very worthy hero What I didn t expect was how the story would develop and that was a delightful surprise Emmaline meanwhile was Pirates, Ships, and Sailors facing her own heartbreak and the connection between the two just made this a book that needed to be read in one sittingBy the end of the book Ielt I knew the characters personally and with books like this I hate inishing the story I just want it to continue or the rest of their livesI hope the author includes them in War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today future books so that we can see how their lives developedGreat story 45 starsI enjoyed reading about Emmeline and Hunter who were betrayed by the people they were going to marry They were both devastated at losing the love of their life but after deciding to have a marriage of convenience theyound love when they least expected it There was a lot of emotion some danger and a good amount of romance in this story I liked how sensible the two main characters were by deciding to make the most of their situation I also liked Emmeline s sister Rose and how strong and loving their relationship was Hunter s A Boy in Winter friend Algernon was also a great character and a very supportiveriendI gave it 45 stars because I would have liked Emmeline to be a bit Frost at Midnight feisty andor both of them to have a little bit of revenge on Kent and Felicity However as i enjoyed the story I recommend this book and will definitely be reading Princess Baby, Night-Night from this author in theuture. Save her her mother and sister The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post frominancial ruin when her second cousin Kent Fitzgerald Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution finally inherits herathers estate some months after his passingFinding they have in common than they could have imagined can Hunter and Emmeline On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock find the path to true love Or will the constant interferencerom Felicity and Kent Fitzgerald drive a wedge between themA Bride or the Betrayed Earl is a historical romance novel of approximately 70000 words No cheating no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever afterGet This Book FREE With Kindle UnlimitedEnjoy. Each other Kent and Felicity evil spawn insinuate themselves into "The Mix Separately They Made My Skin Made My Skin Together They "mix Separately they made my skin crawl together they loathsome In a perfect world they would be eternally bound together Thanks to the ride of the white knights h and H get a happy ending even though they don t kiss until the last pageI was uickly captured by this story and ound it difficult to put down or silly little things like ood and sleep I highly recommend it When Hunter Bentley the Earl of Addison returns Nini from Scotland to be with his belovedather I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) for hisinal days Hunter is unaware that the woman Lady Felicity Morgan who he was set to marry Flight, Vol. 7 feeling neglected by his absence has accepted a proposal of marriagerom the Duke of GalcrossWeeks later Emmeline Fitzgerald suffe In modern times where life expectancy has increased so much one of the interesting actors of the Regency period was the short life span that many experienced and the intervention of death which so often affected the next generation This story begins with the amilies of both main characters having been affected by early parental deaths and both of these characters ind the course of their lives to be drastically changed rom their planned course It seems somewhat contrived but does achieve a Camp Rex feeling of sympathyor them The machinations of their villaneous counterparts gives the story a necessary dramatic edge although I elt somewhat ambivalent about the inal contratempt The positives It is a airly decent uick read Nothing scandalous No sex scenes The main characters are interestingThe negatives The story is written is almost all dialogue I ound the descriptions sadly lacking Many pages are paragraphs of interchange between the characters with the only hint to know that someone new was speaking was the indentation of a new paragraph Additionally When Dads Don't Grow Up from the description of the book I thought it was going to be about the two main characters getting married andinding out they love each other But by 66% in I m still wading through the dialogue and not Miles from Kara further along in the plot than what is described on the back coverdescriptionI m skimming the rest because I ve lost interest What an absolutely underwhelming story The writing and story are both so simple that I read this story in mere hours Honestly I read it so uickly that I had to double check the page count because itelt like I was reading a novellaWhat I liked about this Book Was Its Forwardness There Was No As Long As was its Pee Wee Scouts treasury (Pee Wee Scouts, forwardness There was no as long as didn tind out her secret or if she knew what he did in his pa. And a little ambitiousWeeks later Emmeline Fitzgerald suffers the worst humiliation of her life Just months after the death of her beloved ather the man she is set to marry publicly announces his engagement to another Feeling all eyes on her Emmeline almost turns to run but her dignity is saved by none other than the Earl of Addison Within days the Earl a man she barely knows makes her a most unusual proposal; a marriage of convenience He is looking or a wife so that he might produce an heir to his title and estate She needs a husband of means to. ,

I had such great hopes or this book since it averaged than 4 stars but I had to orce myself to inish it By the end I was so disappointed I couldn t have careless what happened Both main characters uickly lost my interest after concluding both to be boring unimaginative and dull witted This was an Okay story It just needed depth and development in the characters And Storyline Its A Simple Story Really Hunter Bentley The storyline Its a simple story really Hunter Bentley the of Addison has been jilted by Felicity Morgan the girl he has been courting and expecting to marry She got a better offer rom a Duke Hunter and Emmeline are She got a better offer rom a Duke Hunter and Emmeline are betrayed by the people they thought they would marry and in Emmeline s case betrayed by a really close riend as well They decide to embark on a marriage of convenience but all in love with each other but not admitting their eelings to one another
The Two Main Characters Are 
two main characters are defined and the secondary characters Emmeline s mother and sister and Hunters cousin are interesting and add to the story There are also two villains who don t get their just desserts in my opinion but it was a nice clean romance and well worth readingI received an ARC or an honest review I almost never write bad reviews but this is one I liked the characters The plot was actually pretty good but the way it was written was bad Most of the writing itself was good which makes this such a shame The story kept jumping all over the place It would start in the present and then go back to an event The whole event Once or twice in a book is ine but this was the whole book This author does not know regency either They were playing bridge and poker and a 15 year old out even early is ridiculous There would be this amazing event which would draw you in and right when you thought it was going to get amazing ie The announcement of their proposal it drops and goes on to the next scene This happened over and over again I think I was so upset because it had potential that just A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas failed Emmeline loved Christopher and Hunter loved Felicity Too bad they didn t know the people to whom they had pledged their love Both suffered betrayal and subseuently turned to each otherormulating a marriage of convenience unencumbered by love And now the misconceptions begin Emmeline and Hunter are never uite sure about each other s intentions making them easily manipulated by outsiders with their own agendas Truly they can trust only Emmeline s mother her sister Rose and Hunter s cousin AlgernonWhile we are pulling or the h and H to become closer and trusting of. Introducing the A Bride or the Betrayed Earl Novel Discover NOW The New Regency Romance Book by Bridget BartonLovely Romantic ExcitingWhen Hunter Bentley the Earl of Addison returns Lots of Hearts from Scotland it is toind that the love of his life has married another On a mission of mercy to see his beloved ather through his inal days in the country he loved Hunter is unaware that the woman he was set to marry Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss feeling neglected by his absence has accepted a proposal of marriagerom the Duke of Galcross Still Lady Felicity Morgan was always a little spoiled. .

A Bride or the Betrayed Earl: A Historical Regency Romance Book