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The Wedding Rescue (The Billionaire Club Book 1)N someLeigha goes the distance and some with a crazy ex an ass of a soon to be brother in law two pain sisters a mother with or without a clue and a very sexy man that wants her This BBW gave me all I could want #and the moment he sees her across a # The moment he sees her across a bar Dylan Kane nows he wants her What would a woman give to A World on Fire know that this is what the man in her life was thinking the first time he saw her Absolutely a must readept the plot going all through did not get the feeling of the story losing momentum Definitely did not want to put the book down until finished A fantastic balance of hot and steamy along with the romance Cannot wait for the next book Leigh life is falling apart her Ex has stolen ten thousand dollars from her her boss eeps hitting on her and has her sisters wedding to go to with no date Her sisters are both money gold diggers and rude to her because Leigh went to college has a great job they say is is boring and fat Dylan takes one look at Leigh and decides that he wants her When Leigh tells Dylan her problems he makes her a deal he will take care of her boss ex and be her date for the wedding if she agrees to be his for the whole weekend When things go wrong with the ex will Leigh loss the best that has happen to her or will Dylan help save her WOW Loved this set no cliffhangers a complete boxed set you will not want to put down I stayed up till 430 am to finish it It s about a down on her luck curvy beautiful woman Leigha whose about a down on her luck curvy beautiful woman Leigha whose x boyfriend stole her entire savings and is now sitting in a bar at a hotel where her sisters wedding is Leigha Carmichael is drowning her sorrows in a bar at an exclusive hotel in Las Vegas when a devastatingly handsome stranger sits next to her to see if she s alright When Dylon Kane saw this shapely beautiful woman across the room sitting by herself he new he wanted her in his bed As she pours her heart out to him he offers her a solution and a proposition He ll pretend to be her date for her sister s wedding that weekend if she promises to be his for the weekend What starts out as a solution to her dilemma Turns Into A Sizzling into a sizzling Dylon never expected to fall for this intelligent and beautiful woman he thought once the weekend was up he would let her goI loved this series The chemistry between Dylon and Leigha was off the charts This is my first book by this author but I can t wait to read. Ft and full even from a distance They too strained against her dress Mouthwatering And her lips A plump bow ready to open for me I had to see The Wedding Rescue is Book One in The Billionaire Club series Originally published as a five part serial now you can read the entire book in one volume The Billionaire Club Series was originally published under Ivy Layne's pen name Alexa Wilder The novels in The Billionaire Club series are related to those in the Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaires series by Ivy Layne and have been collected under Ivy's name for the convenience of readers who would like to easily find all the books in these connected series All of the novels in both series are standalone romances each with a happy ending and can be read as part of the whole or on their ow.

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T to string together the many adult situations in this book Within the first few pages of meeting the two characters they had already gotten to now each other VERY well It the first few pages of meeting the two characters they had already gotten to now each other VERY well It so obnoxious to read how the male lead would talk about the female Really Do you have to be SO graphic Finally about a third of the way through the story I just started skipping the inevitable adult moments Needless to say I was finished uickly Would I recommend this to a friend Only if that friend wanted to read about many different ways and places to be intimate and not have any real story to tie it all together I loved this series there was everything romance sex suspense and drama I liked that the sex was part of the story and not sex for the shock value A great author Ivy Layne books have become my secret naughty indulgence and a welcome escape into fantasy better than chocolateThe plot is interesting and twists and moves through to a satisfying endingThe characters are clearly described and uniue Dylan is perhaps a little too self assured but not having ever met a billionaire it isn t beyond imagining Leigha is a normal enough lady to be easy to identify with caught in a messy family and with a nightmare previous boyfriend and now caught up in the whirlwind of a not uite relationship with of a billionaire Confused by Dylan s attention out of her comfort zone with his money and lifestyle and blown away by every detail explicitly described of his skill at bringing her to orgasm it is not surprising the depth and breadth of her emotions Happy ever after is promised eventually Wedding Rescue had a nice story Kane was really cool and had wealth good looks and charm Also liked his buddies Sam and AxleCouldn t put my finger on what was missing with her ex boyfriend Steven but he Kinda Got In The got in the of a good story other than that it was an entertaining book Thanks This is my first read of Alexa Wilder and I must say right off the bat that I am so happy that I got this series I had so much fun with Leigha Carmichael and Dylan KaneLeigha is having one of the worst runs of luck and she has to fun with Leigha Carmichael and Dylan KaneLeigha is having one of the worst runs of luck and she has to bother with her twitty stick thin sisters and of course her mom She decides to have a drink before the hail storm begins Just when she thinks she can take no In comes Dylan She is not sure if she is being punked or what but this chance weekend will be grabbed with both hands and the. Better she needs something from him With the bargain he has in mind they'll both get exactly what they wantIn the few days she's his Dylan plans to take control of every delectable inch of Leigha's body But when the weekend is over will he be able to let her goBOOK ONE EXCERPTI saw her across a crowded room Its such a clich especially for me I see beautiful women across crowded rooms all the time The Delecta was my casino and she was sitting at my barIts hard to say what made me stop She wasnt a showgirl or a model and nothing like the tall skinny overly made up women I was accustomed to No she was something else She was realWhen was the last time Id had real Real curves generous enough to have her hips straining the seams of her navy blue dress Real tits Had to be They were so. I really enjoyed this book I loved having both characters perspective I managed to read the complete series in 2 days my only hope was that it would last longer it was very easy to get in to and it didn t lack at all This story grabbed me from the start I read it all in one go much to the disgust of my husband It has characters that you care about The story flows really well and has a good pace to itI loved it so Much That I Have Now that I have now all of Alexa s books Read it you will not be disappointed I can t believe I ve had this in my library for so long Absolutely loved it from beginning to end The fairytale of every teenage girl where Prince Charming rides in and saves the day getting payback on the nasty sisters and anybody else who doubts her worth Jumps straight in at the very first page and the ride continues throughout with love sexy times fun and suspense It helps that they are both lovely characters too A lovely love story that though seemingly unlikely happens anyway A different 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate kind of Cinderella story She is larger than her sisters and the only one of the 3 to complete her education and has a job and home of her own She makes some bad choices in her love life that leave her vulnerable and eschewing a relation with a man until the right man approaches herThey have a fling and things start happening within her family and with her ex and her sister s future husband The guy who propositions her is super hot and a billionairebY her start out having a fling but as the weekend progresses a lot of things happen Her ex re enters the story and her future brother in law wants to be a part of the changed woman she has becomeThis a well written love story with a plausible main plot and several subplots which add to the uniueness of the story In the end love conuers all and there s a happy ending I m looking forward to reading the next story In this probable trilogy This is a great story at reasonable price I am a sucker for a romance novel even to the point that Inow the formula meet cute argue with each other become friends fall in love fightbreak up get back together and live happily ever after all within 5 days I accept that formula suspend all reality and gladly purchase books that follow said formula I really wanted this series to fit the bill This book however was not enjoyable for me It felt like the plot wasn t used to tell the story bu. She thinks she's not his type He's determined plot wasn t used to tell the story bu. She thinks she's not his type He's determined prove her wrongLeigha Carmichael is used to the uiet life A junior accountant by day she The Oxford New Greek Dictionary knows girls like her don't have exciting lives She's smart shy and her curvy body doesn't fit in among the beauty ueens of Las Vegas Still reeling from her ex boyfriend's betrayal Leigha's sworn off all men Except she has a huge problem and only the right man can solve itThe moment he sees her across a crowded bar Dylan Kanenows he wants her And Dylan Kane always gets what he wants Especially when the object of his desire is sitting in his own casino She's nothing like the skinny overly made up women he's used to From her clear gray eyes to her luscious curves Leigha is the real thing Exactly the change of pace he's been looking for And even.