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Me out of some kind for what he did in this book I certainly wouldn t want my child to be doing half of the stuff he did in this book He broke toys ran around the store and climbed shelves I understand he is curious but this is crossing the line a bit My son njoyed all of it though I did have to tell my son that what George was doing was bad in case he mistook them to be good things since in the beginning of the book it states that George

a good monkey I m sure if he uite understands that sometimes good monkeys do bad things Of course in the book verything resolves itself and George is made to be a big help to the store Typical George fare but a good addition to my unit on toys George does a lot of good in this story really making the toy stare a lot fun for kids and grown ups alike I mean what kid wouldn t want to have a monkey handing them toys that are too high to reach This is a very cute story Curious George always gets into trouble In this book he goes to a new toy store He can not wait in the long line so he sneaks in He makes a mess of a few things as he is trying to figure out the toys work The of a few things as he is trying to figure out the toys work The tries to catch him to throw him out but is unsuccessful George then starts handing out the toys that the children can not reach The owner finally reaches him and his about to throw him out However a parent makes a comment about how having a monkey to work there is such a great idea this comment makes the owner change her mind and gives the monkey his own apron to wear Curious George is a rascal but a good xample for what my kids are NOT to do. ?s playful nature really drive customers away or will veryone’s favorite monkey find a clever way to save the day. The monkey never gets in trouble does he I kind of want to see one in which he doesplus what is the man in the yellow hat s name While George s carnivalesue appropriation of the toy store s grand opening seems to promise a socialist revolution in the nd his labor concealed as play is reappropiated by the neo liberal late capitalist machine Monkey business is good business indeed George causes a ruckus as usual but in the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets end saves the day also as usual Love Curious George who s been around since myarly reading days His heart is always in the right place like many sweet but mischievous #Little Boys I Know Can T Get #boys I know Can t get of this little monkey Electromyography for Experimentalists especially after recently reading the biographical story of the authors Margaret and HA Rey and there dangerous flight on bicycles toscape the Holocaust and German occupation of France And as they fled they carried the original monkey storymanuscripts with them Curious George is at it again as he visits a new toy store with his owner the man in the yellow hatWhen they arrived before opening time the pair joined a long ueue and George sneaked through the crowds as he wanted a peek inside the store As he arrived at the front of the ueue a peek inside the store As he arrived at the front of the ueue owner opened the doors and when she spotted George she told him that it was no place for a monkey But she was too late George had nipped insideHe was so xcited at all the games on view and he tried a variety of them without knowing how they worked Then he discovered a large pile of hula hoops He tried to pull one out of the pile but in so doing he upset them all and suddenly peop. A new toy store is opening and George can’t wait Once George gets inside the owner thinks his antics may be bad fo. Le all around were trying them out with George spreadeagled in one pretending to be a wheelThe owner tried to stop George but she was not uick nough and the little monkey ran amok in the rest of the store passing toys to children and playing with them himself When the owner fina Personal ResponseI like the book in was a fun and interesting The book has a lot of interactions
toys in the book George a lot of people In the book George got into a lot of trouble in the bookMe nephew also like the book a lot He like all the toys in the book He also likes George the monkey He really likes monkeys My nephew liked that George got into a lot of trouble in the book SettingThe book started in a new toy store and George was very xcited He was the first person in the doors Recommended AudienceI think this book is for a 3 year old kid The book has a lot of kid things for very young kids StarsI give this book four stars because it is a good book but not the best children s book I have read This book is Apart Of The Series Of of the series of George which is a series about a monkey named George who spends most of his time xploring different things with his owner This book in particular is about George going into a toy story to see all the toys George played with all of the toys he could get his hands on I gave this book 5 stars because I think it is interesting that they use a monkey as a main character I really like that in the book they mainly use primary color with the other colors as accents I couldn t help but think that George needed a very good spanking or a long ti. R business It’s not long before George has her jumping through hoops to try to contain his curiosity Will George?. ,

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Curious George Visits a Toy Store