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TunnedFor the past four years she has been driven by blind determination to find Father Michael Keller the human monster whose acts of brutality continue to haunt her to this day Sick and twisted the priest seems to have vanished without a trace But with an irony that only life can offer now he has become a target When Keller offers to help Maggie solve the crimes in xchange for protection she has no choice but to ally herself with the A Vineyard Christmas elusive child killer the person she despises with a conviction that s almost religious in its fervor Maggie must cross a dangerous line into a world of malevolence andvil from which she may not return unscathed Maggie knows the bargain is a necessary vilone that may be made in bloodAlex Kava seems back in top form with her latest Maggie O Dell novel I ts weird but here she brings back a lot of here she brings back a lot of and some of the themes of her first book which had been my favorite Nick Morrelli is back and so is Father Michael Keller Child abuse is the main theme of the story and what motivates a series of murders of priests in several statesMaggie is already involved in a case about *young women being murdered when she is called to a case of a murdered bishop *women being murdered when she is called to a case of a murdered bishop which Nick Morreli s best friend may know something Maggie and the police have a hard time discovering what is going on till her old nemesis Father Keller contacts her with the offer of giving her vidence if she will get him an antidote for the poison he has been givenUnbeknownst to the detectives an online game computer played by invitation only has been made known to several people who suffered abuse at the hads of priest and who are invited to kill online the person who abused them but the truth is that those nominated start to die killed by The Sin EaterThere s suspense in the story than is previous books The murderer is forever contacting Maggie s good friend Gwen btw where s Tully and leaving her clues about what was going to happen Also soon it seems obvious that not all the murders can have been commited by the same personMuch against her personal beliefs Maggie is forced to accept the deal with Father Keller but in the nd was that a necessary vil And can some murders be considered that one wonders from the nding presentedGrade B My favorite Kava book so far Finally wrapping up the Father Keller story in a very satisfying way she still left plenty to continue with in the next O Dell bookThis one was a little tricky but came into focus after the mid point The two cases folded nicely into one but not too obviously The subject matter being still too current today no matter what those in the churches corner tell us Kava developed a believable story of vil Too believable actuallyThese O Dell books are xcellent I think it would be better if I don t wait as long for the next one this time around Another series I hig. First real lead in the investigation she wonders if the group has turned cyberspace justice into reality Then Maggie gets a second lead one that leaves her stunnedFor the past four years she has been obsessed with finding Father Michael Keller whose brutal acts against children continue to haunt her Now it seems he. Well what an adventure this book is Fairly fast paced twists turns red herrings Elvan s term and surprises left right and centerAlex Kava is moving right up there in being a favouriteI don t want to say a whole lot about this book for those of you that haven t read it yet just hurry up and read it It is so worth it2 thumbs up and 5 stars for making me think and puzzle things out and look over my shoulder at times Onto Exposed 6 in the Maggie O Dell series This is the first Alex Kava novel I ve read It uickly became apparent that this was a mistake as the plot of this one revolves around the bad guy from a previous book in the series Whoops Luckily I wasn t blown away by A Necessary Evil so I won t be cursing my luck over thatIn this thriller FBI profiler Maggie O Dell has two cases to deal with women s heads are appearing near where she lives in Washington DC while out in the Midwest paedophile priests are being murdered Sadly I was uickly able to identify the culprits and much of the novel was spent watching supposedly successful xpert professionals flailing around ineptly A few points were particularly badly described including the sinister online game that plays an important part in the plot I don t really go in for online games but the description of it makes it sound like the author hasn t gone near a computer since 1993I wasn t too keen on the style ither the chapters are very short and told from a wide variety of POVs Some characters appear for just one chapter while others stick around I felt that this wasn t a great choice for a thriller because a lot of tension was lost I d have preferred a tighter focus particularly on the rather colourless O DellOverall this wasn t a demanding book with an interesting plot idea sadly buried under a pile of problems Ah well Oh good grief I might as well retire my less than shiny super sleuth badge After Reading A Necessary reading A Necessary I have to give her creditKava dragg Profiler Maggie O Dell is working two cases one in DC where they are finding women s heads and another that is killing priests Not to mention her friend Gwen is caught up in the situation as wellReally njoyed the story Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, even though I figured the Priest Killer out prettyarly There were some nice twists As the killing spree continues unabated it becomes clear to Maggie O Dell the FBI profiler assigned to the case that than one perpetrator is responsible As she begins to drill down into the facts Maggie discovers a disturbing Internet role playing game for youths who have been victims of

authority figures including Catholic priestsWith first real lead in the investigation Maggie wonders if this group has turned cyberspace justice into reality by dispensing their own brand of vengeance As the ritualistic killings leave America s heartland reeling Maggie gets a second lead one that leaves her When a monsignor is found knifed to death in a Nebraska airport restroom FBI special agent Maggie O'Dell is called in to profile the ritualistic murder of a priest the latest in a series of killings Maggie soon discovers a disturbing Internet game that's popular among victims of abuse by Catholic priests With this. ,

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Hly recommend FBI profiler Maggie O Dell is back in the 5th book of this seriesMaggie is working on two cases that seem linked with ach in the 5th book of this seriesMaggie is working on two cases that seem linked with ach DC priests are being killed and in Omaha women s heads are being discoveredWith the help of he This was the best book in the series up to dateIt was fast paced and intriguing always keeping you turning the pagesA good nding to the story that started in A Perfect EvilI will suggest only reading this book if you ve read the previous books in the series otherwise you will be lost and nd up giving bad reviews FBI profiler Maggie O Dell finds herself back in Nebraska after a priest is found murdered in the Omaha airport bathroom and it appears he s one of several being murdered around the country She was pulled away from a case in Washington D C where the heads of three women were found in different locations in the District Unbeknownst to anyone Maggie s friend psychologist Gwen Patterson is receiving communications from that killer who she believes is one of her patients Maggie is actually doing uite a bit of profiling in this story though still not as Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential effectively as she could be Both cases were initially very puzzling but it didn t take long to figure out who was committing both crimes Father Michael Keller reappears in this story finally drawing that storyline to a close The cases were interestingven though some of the science was a bit flawed It was hard to suare Gwen s behavior with how a psychologist would realistically have handled the situation specially given her relationship with law nforcement It rang hollow for me I Humanism enjoyed the story for the most part but thought it took too long to develop and thending was rushed I think my problem with Maggie is I ve read other storiesseries involving profilers who are much better skilled than I ve seen her perform
date I just wish the would focus strongly on her as a profiler than all the other personal distractions My rating however reflects my interest in the story and the strength of the secondary characters who made this compelling 35 stars Number five in the series and I still cannot bump it up to four stars although it was close The final part of the book was very Smokin' Hot exciting and I felt only good thoughts as I closed my iPad on it But then I considered thearlier parts of the book which still contained all the things I do not like about this series Maggie is still only marginally competent Characters from previous books came back and were as hopeless as the first time around And then the random coincidences which were used to pull all these unrelated people into the same place at the same time were totally unbelievable And don t get me started on the over use of maggots and hot tea not together though Sorry Did not mean to rant It is actually very readable a pretty good story and Placing Memory exciting in parts. Has become a target When Keller offers to help Maggie solve the ritual killings inxchange for protection she decides to ally herself with the Lasombra elusive child killer stepping into a world of malevolence from which she may not return unscathedMaggie knows the bargain is a necessaryvil one that may be made in blood. .
A Necessary Evil