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O both evenlyThe author has a vendetta against lowcarb railing it against it on several occasions He defines it as high protein and seems to think it s just protein and fat While many do do lowcarb that way it s not how most of the diets are presented and it s not necessary Yet he never once says that lowcarb in and of itself can be useful for anyone if the elements of his diet lowmoderate protein and plenty of vegetables are met He ll say in some places that keeping carbs low is necessary for some but he never has one decent word to say about lowcarb as a dietary system Compare this to his words about lowfat diets which he also is writing against because he talks about how important good fats are Yet he praises or is neutral about lowfat diets only mentioning how they need to be changedAnother issue I find very troubling is how he insists that people who want to do a fasting mimicking diet which is one of the major topics of the entire book should never do it on their own and should only use the Prolon program he helped develop While he says he doesn t benefit financially from these sales it s not uite true The sales finance his work Prolon doesn t allow people to talk about price directly but ou can find out indirectly It s something on the order of 400 for a 5 day supply of food The food is all packaged and while it s vegan and gluten free and has no artificial ingredients it doesn t mean everyone can eat it I can t eat large portions of it for example and would be paying lots of money for food I have to come up with on my own anywayProlon is an at home program and while they give advice they aren t really monitoring Sex friends or lovers ? you So to sayou must use it for Paul à uébec your own safety is rather disingenuous Fortunately there are websites that tellou the specs garnished from his medical journal articles and share recipes that meet them I ve done the FMD a good half a dozen times with excellent results My doctor approves mightily I see no reason why I can t do this on my own After all this book gives advice with details down to a 2 week meal plan on how to do the Longevity diet the bit L`echec de l`aide internationale a Haiti you re supposed to do every dayou re not doing a FMD which is only a 5 day cycle every 1 6 months depending on our circumstancesFortunately hidden in one of the chapters there is a chart showing the caloriemacronutrient breakdown of the FMD It is slightly different from his journal article versions other versions he s published and other FMD details in this actual book in other chapters But close enoughBecause of the poor organization it s not easy to go back and use the book as a reference But it does give a decent overview of the programs and how they re changing dietary advice in medicine Especially for cancer patients but also for others The work is excellent It s the book that is lacking This book is an eye opener with respect to the FMD fasting mimicking diet but the actual Longevity Diet falls short for me for a few reasons Valter says that the two things that will age one uickly and cause problems in the body are too much protein and too much sugar I agree but when I read his daily suggestions for his Longevity Diet I was shocked that he recommends eating dried fruit pretty much every day Dried fruit is loaded with sugar and even though he has ou eating only 18 cup at a sitting which is barely a taste by the way why not eat the real thing For instance for the 18 cup of dried blueberries he allows ou could have a whole cup of fresh blueberries for 13 less calories carbs and sugar and double the fiber content I don t think he really knows all that much about nutrition especially when he admits to eating beef once a week growing up in Italy the same town where he studied a couple of centenarians but then admonishes eating any kind of animal protein except low mercury fish Another thing that I just can t get over is a couple of paragraphs where he talks about how ridiculous it is to eat in moderation After giving eating advice to a lady one time she concluded that it would be best to eat in moderation His response was to ask her if she would fly on an airplane that she had designed herself I m sorry but those two topics aren t even remotely associated and this leads me to believe that Valter doesn t even know the definition of moderation Designing an airplane with LIMITED KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HOW TO GO knowledge about how to go it is not an act of moderation it s a gamble He even admits that he doesn t even know what eating in moderation means How about eating beef on SundaysBut aside from his lack of nutrition knowledge I think

development of the FMD is cutting edge He has stats to back up his findings and FMD seems like a definite positive breakthrough EDIT After reading The Big Fat Surprise I have to lower my rating from 3 stars to 1 star I will leave my original review below This author condemns all animal fats and does not base it on convincing research He is basically promoting a mediterranean diet which had been thoroughly debunked by The Big Fat Surprise and therefore renders this book completely useless I m a bit conflicted about this bookFirst of all the author starts right off with advertising some nutrition product of his but thankfully that will be it no sales pitches throughout the rest of the bookNext after describing his methodology there are numerous chapters about cancer diabetes dementia cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases which all result in essentially exactly the same conclusion with ever so slight changes in the food intake recommendation It seems extremely repetitiveI can t help but think that the author published this book as an elevator pitch to attract investors to further fund the author s various scientific studies which is OK I guess as these studies all seem to have very promising resultsI liked that the book reinforced what I had already learned from The Circadian Code a better book namely that time restricted eating works wonders however this book focuses much on the WHAT to eat rather than WHEN to eatThe thing is the author recommends a hard core vegan version of the mediterranean diet with a bit of fish here and there Simply because he is Italian and got to know a bunch of very old people from a small village near his home town It seems extremely dangerous to assume that whatever these people ate must be good simply because the sample size is so tiny These people clearly had extremely good genesThe author even recommends eat what our ancestors ate and I m pretty sure the diet of the old people in Okinawa looked nothing like the mediterranean diet so how would an Asian person approach this book I guess if The Sea and the Mirror you are Italian the this book is forou otherwise it will leave Jean Baudrillard, Art and Artefact you with few uestionsI absolutely love that there are two weeks worth of recipes at the end of the book breakfast lunch snack dinner and especially the lunch and dinner options sound really nice so I m going to give all these a try The breakfast options will be a bit tougher for me because I can t get the breads that are suggested here in SingaporeIfou already read Why We Sleep and The Circadian Code I would say this book is not necessary to read Interesting take on dr Longo s own research on diet and longevity I like how he takes a pragmatic approach on what we should actually do for instance taking a multivitamin not every day but once every two to three days because being nourished is good but some studies have shown that certain vitamins can be toxic Also the amount of protein we actually need is not as high as most resources online would tell Traité de neuropsychologie clinique de l'adulte, Tome 2 - Rééducation you could be detrimental so better to stick to relatively low but also high enough for building and maintaining muscle mass he says to stick to 30 grams after a strength workout So to sum it all up Eat mostly a plant based diet adding fish low in mercury only three times a week Get 031 to 036 grams of protein per pound of body weight Multivitamin mineral and omega 3 and omega 6 supplement every 3 days Eat twice per day plus a snack do periodic fasting ifou can walk fast one hour a day do strength training keep L'Affaire Plican your mind sharp finish that goodreads challenge However in the bookou can see how there is no one size fits all solution So if Dragonfly in Amber you are interested in this sort of things it might be a good read foro. Tor of the Longevity Institute at USC and the Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan designed the FMD after making a series of remarkable discoveries in mice then in humans indicating that specific diets can activate stem cells and promote regeneration and rejuvenation in multiple organs to significantly reduce risk for diabetes cancer Alzheimer’s and heart disea. W high vitaminmineral content Take a multivitamin as a buffer every 3 days5 Eat the types of foods our ancestors would ve eaten6 Eat two mealsday and one snack DO eat breakfast7 Keep eating window down to 12 hrs or less Don t eat anything for 3 4 hrs before bed Limiting food intake hours to less than 11 12 could cause gallstones 8 Until age 65 70 do five days of FMD every 6 monthsIn SummaryDr Longo has done many tests to try to prove his theories about anti aging Naturally he is optimistic about what he sees he wants his theory to pan out He doesn t let the fact that he doesn t have verified scientific studies stop him from promoting his theories or from summarizing out of date dietary advice to be followed in conjunction with his proprietary FMD approach There are many health professionals who advocate for some type of fasting But Dr Longo s version of fast mimicking includes the types of foods that many others advocate avoiding altogetherI really thought this was going to be a diet book that I could embrace Alas I am greatly disappointedOne thing I will give Dr Longo credit for is that he is actually doing research not just citing other people s work He just needs to complete randomized clinical studies before he publishes advice books Interesting book on the diet for longevity and disease prevention Unfortunately it seems too long and too generic though author dedicates a lot of time to discuss clinical trials which is great Long story short eat mostly vegan eat good fats and complex carbs not a lot of protein which is controversial in my opinion and do fast mimicking diet 1 2 times per ear which is patented by author and too much promoted as for me I thought this book make a pretty darned convincing case in favor of a vegetarian or pescetarian diet if living a long time is high on A Grammar of Kham your list of priorities Unfortunately that s not how I and most of the people I know currently eat It seems like everyone and their dog is doing keto these days According to this book a diet high in animal fats and proteins is the single worst diet for human longevity At least both sides agree on one thing sugar and processed carbs aren t good forou The book also discusses how periodic fasting not the currently trendy intermittent fasting but actual fasting for a few days can have amazing health benefits for all sorts of serious conditions including cancer diabetes and auto immune disorders It provides a way to mimic fasting by greatly reducing our caloric intake for a few days without actually full on fasting This fasting mimicking diet supposedly offers the same health benefits as full fasting I have not tried it myselftl dr diet should consist of 60% complex carbs 30% good fats 10% protein all of which should come from vegetable or fish sources Fast for a few days a few times a ear I have two different opinions about this book One is scientific and the other is formal I will start with the bad one but please do not forget to read the positive oneAs a book I would say that this work is not of high writing uality I would give it 2 stars Some paragraphs are entertaining but the text is highly repetitive and disorganized with identical sentences repeated in several sections or chapters The goal of the book is explaining the longevity and fasting mimicking diets and their effect in health However even after reading half of the book it is not very easy to understand what these diets are The specific information on the composition of the diets is fragmented at the end of several chapters explaining first how they work and defining them later makes the progression through the book difficult If De brevitate vitae you want to obtain any conclusions on what to eat that will be a difficult task For instance the definition given for the fasting mimicking diet eg Day 1 total 1100 calories is to combine 500 calories of complex carbohydrates found in vegetables 500 calories of good fats nuts oil 25 g protein of vegetal origin The definition is completely asymmetric calories grams There is no way to avoid proteins when eating vegetables or nuts You can either include the proteins within the calories total 1000 calories or add them as new calories but no easy way to reach the 1100 calories of the day During days 2 5ou need to eat 400 calories from carbohydrates and 400 from fat nuts oil etc and avoid proteins total 800 calories per day Unless ou eat pure sugar and pure olive oil that is impossible as most food including e recommended nuts have proteins Difficult to understand These are just examples but the information in the book is uite disorganized The Tables With The Foods That Provide Vitamins Etc Are Ok with the foods that provide vitamins etc are ok in my classifying these tables by the nutrients provided by each type of food than classifying by nutrients would much practical for readers In general there are several defects that make reading of the text less attractive It is a pity as it would not be a difficult task to make an interested story from the info given in the textIn some instances the text is unnecessarily egocentric No problem with citing and explaining data generated by the author but I don t see the need of repeating in each sentence that he and his group was the one that discovered or that X company which he founded etc etc Following a common practice only the first author is cited when the list of authors of a paper is too long unless he is in the author list then the first author Longo V is cited just in case readers forgot that these were HIS data even after being mentioned in the main text These sentences together with the constant re repetitions are typical of bad politicians or marketers than serious scientists and may give readers the false impression that the information in the book is just marketingThe Spanish translation of some words is really funny oncogenosFortunately the scientific content is of top uality five stars here Based on current information and very serious research in the last ears everyone healthy and sick people should follow the recommendations in the book Data have been published in the most respectful top journals indicating solid a evaluation process and this is the kind of science that has an immediate application for health Some of the ideas presented as unpublished in the book have been recently published in top scientific journals in 2017 I cannot but believe that he is completely right And actually it makes perfect sense I missed references there are sections completely unreferenced and a better system to mention them I would prefer the use of numbered complete referenced rather than ibidem etcI conclude that if this book had been properly written it could become a major reference in recent science The information generated by the author and included in this book properly explained should reach every person in this planet including healthy people but also patients with cancer Alzheimer s diabetes immune diseases ie everyone And everyone should start to follow the recommendations I already did There appears to be a major disconnect between Dr Longo s work and this book It s as if someone decided there needed to be a popular book and it was all or partially ghostwritten and sent off to the printers Boom done His work and that of his team is brilliant but this book is poorly organized full of contradictions judgmental and badly executed It also goes on and on about how amazing and generous and intelligent Longo is So either he has an ego the size of a major university or he didn t write those partsThere are tons of charts Great right Except that a lot of them don t present the information in a way that makes sense Sometimes an axis just has numbers but no unit of measurement Other times it s not really labeled at all One chart appears to have the two groups reversed Sometimes they re in the wrong chapterThe book espouses very mainstream dietary advice including stuff that isn t current Unless it s something Longo has studied it s included with little evidence Salt is bad Carbs are good Saturated fat is evil the only evidence given for this are general studies where we don t know the item that caused the changes and mainly just one study that shows dangers of saturated fat and transfatsas if they were the same thing and the results would apply Ryday eating plan the book outlines with the scientifically engineered fasting mimicking diet or FMD; the FMD done just 3 4 times a Un monstre dans les céréales year does away with the misery and starvation most of us experience while fasting allowingou to reap all the beneficial health effects of a restrictive diet while avoiding negative stressors like low energy and sleeplessness Valter Longo direc. The summary is that if Nam you want to decrease likelihood of getting diseasesou re genetically predisposed to cancer diabetes heart disease eat a mostly vegan diet until Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you turn about 65ear old exercise keep Lippenbekenntnisse your BMI at the lower end of the normal range and do his 5 day fasting mimicking diet anywhere from 1 6 times perear based on our health and genetics The 5 day fast is where ou eat about 800 calories a day which makes our least healthy cells vulnerable to destruction which is a good thing The unhealthy cells most likely to mutate in the future break down and our body rebuilds new healthy cells by releasing a surge of stem cells in Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan your blood stream Something like that It s super fascinating and I think this guy and the research he s doing is legit though it s stilloung and needs larger tests in humans I trust Dr Longo s research he s a recognized expert but I don t think this plan is very useful to normal people The concept is basically this do the Longo Fasting Mimicking Diet for 5 days a month every 3 4 months The rest of the time eat the Mediterranean diet and exercise 5 7 hours a week OkaySo my problems with the Fasting Mimicking Diet is that it s super hard Mind ou I ve done every other day fasting for three months then I fell off and I ve done time restricted eating not eating for 16 hours and eating for 8 So m Dr Valter Longo gives a broad stroke description of his Longevity Diet which includes doing a 5 day Fasting Mimicking Diet every six months Most of the book focuses on the benefits of the very specific Fasting Mimicking Diet FMD developed by Longo But Longo himself admits that there is not et sufficient evidence to prove his hypothesisBenefits of the Longevity DietNote I wasn t paying too much attention to the scientific validity of Dr Longo s research for the first six chapters But by chapter 7 his disclaimers got to be so repetitive that I started making note of them I didn t bother going back over the first six chapter to site examplesAt the end of Chapter 7 on cancer prevention he says Our clinical trials looking into FMD and cancer prevention and treatment are ongoing but if early results are any indication it could be a powerful new weapon in the arsenal we have to fight and one day defeat cancer In other words this whole concept is currently based on good indications only Hardly worthy of being published as a scientific foundation for his claimsAt the end of Chapter 8 on diabetes he says We are now working toward performing clinical trials as part of the FDA approval process Again no solid scientific foundation for his assertion that his dietary interventions MAY complement standard proceduresAt the end of Chapter 9 on cardiovascular disease he says Remember because the dietary interventions described in this chapter have not been tested in large randomized clinical trials for the treatment of cardiovascular disease they should be used only in support of standard care Our early results are certainly promising enough that Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) you andour doctor should bear them in mind as we continue to work toward larger trials and FDA approval At the end of Chapter 10 on Alzheimer s disease he says Although our studies into AD are perhaps the most speculative this is an area I feel especially passionate about Bully for him He adds This is my ambitious vision and we re working with labs and researchers around the world to help make it possible In Chapter 11 on inflammatory and autoimmune diseases he posits that a potential factor explaining the rapid world wide increase in autoimmune diseases may involve expanding choices in a modern globalized food supply He suggests that we eat what our ancestors ate Later he states We do not Callisthnie - La musculation globale yet have solid evidence that eating at the table ofour ancestors will prevent diseases and make And the Ass Saw the Angel you live longer Then he talks about FMD as a possible way of treating autoimmune diseases But he adds Please consider that these interventions are still under clinical or laboratory investigation and that until larger clinical trials are completed we cannot know whether they are effective in humans nor can we exclude the possibility of severe side effects in a minority of patients He gives the same treatment to multiple sclerosis Crohn s disease colitis and rheumatoid arthritis then ends with After future studies we will know about the efficacy of FMD against various autoimmune disorders We will also know about the length and freuency of the diet best suited to treating these diseases Chapter 12 gives a summary of how to stayoung Basically follow his LongevityFMD diet exercise and use our mind He gives a very brief summary of the testing he has done so far He states Finally I performed epidemiological studies of large US populations to understand the association between the consumption of certain foods and disease Because epidemiological studies do not control for other factors the best they can do is show associations They cannot prove causationIt sounds like Dr Longo is really jumping the gun and should be ashamed that he has written a book giving advice about treating all sorts of conditions with his possibly helpful ideasThe DietThe Longevity Diet described below doesn t sound like solid dietary advice to me for a number of reasons People who follow his Longevity Diet NEED to also do his FMD in order to avoid gaining weight See the two cases listed at the end of Chapter 8 Nutrition FMD and Diabetes Prevention and Treatment The FMD part doesn t make sense to me because the only thing it seems to do is restrict caloric intake and avoid non plant proteins I can t fathom how that is mimicking a fast It seems like it would be beneficial to actually fast Longo advocates eating complex carbs which he describes It seems like it would be beneficial to actually fast Longo advocates eating complex carbs which he describes vegetables Such As Broccoli Tomatoes as broccoli tomatoes pumpkin mushrooms etc Some of these have a high glycemic load How can this be good for a nation battling Type 2 diabetes And other than listing ingredients for his 2 week meal plan he doesn t identify which vegetables are acceptable for this diet The diet provides approximately 55 60% of calories from carbohydrates Wow While most of those carbs are complex the diet does allow a good amount of pasta and bread Are there still any dietitians who recommend pasta and bread We know of essential amino acids we know of essential fatty acids We do not know of any essential carbohydrates Although carbs provide some nutrients that can t be obtained elsewhere it s nothing a supplement wouldn t take care of Even Longo advocates taking supplements with his diet Although the diet includes virtually no sugar added it does allow honey and also allows things such as ready made pizza crust and cereal which no doubt have added sugar It also includes plenty of fruits including high glycemic fruits Early in the book Longo claims that sugar is one of the ingredients responsible for aging fast dying early So why does his anti aging diet include so many sugary foods Here s a long list of foods included in his 2 week menu plan that I find suspect Some of these menu items are highly processed crap pumpkin soup with croutons whole wheat focaccia or bread raisin and walnut bread cranberry bread mixed berry or blueberry or apricot or strawberry or plum jam raisins whole grain pasta spaghetti ready made pizza crust dried cranberries cereal whole wheat Rice Krispies bar cinnamon raisin bagel barley rice corn pineapple banana dates strawberries grapes steel cut oats boiled carrots potatoes all kinds of beans honeyRecap of The Longevity Diet1 Eat mostly vegan plus a little fish up to 2 3 mealsweek Choose salmon anchovies sardines cod sea bream trout clams shrimp Look for fish w low levels of mercury2 If 65 rs old limit protein to 031 036 grams per pound of
weight If weight training see below Older than 65 increase protein slightly Consume beans chickpeas green peas and other legumes as Nationalism: Critical Concepts in Political Science your main source of protein Include some fish eggs white meat and products from goats sheep3 Minimize saturated fats from animal vegetable sources meat cheese and sugar Maximize good fats and complex carbs Eat whole grains not bread vegetables tomatoes broccoli carrots legumes etc with generous amounts of olive oil 3Tbspday and 1 oz of nutsday walnuts almonds hazelnuts4 Eat foods. Can whatou eat determine how long and how well Marx Demystifies Calculus Triangle Papers you live The clinically proven answer ises and  The Longevity Diet is easier to follow than Girl With No Job: The Crazy Beautiful Life of an Instagram Thirst Monster you'd think The culmination of 25ears of research on aging nutrition and disease across the globe this uniue program lays out a simple solution to living to a healthy old age through nutrition The key is combining the healthy eve.

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