All You Need Is Love [Pdf/E–pub]

All You Need Is Love

Shanni Collins Ò 6 REVIEW

I m always looking for books that my students can identify with I euested a copy of This Book From The Publisher book the publisher NetGalley The thought and intent of the book was lovely but short I love discovering new poetry collections so that all my kids can try to find at least one poem that they can identify with The execution of the book was slightly muddled with some poems trying to hard to fit the certain Domesticating Drink: Women, Men, and Alcohol in America, 1870-1940 rhyme scheme and theme 35 stars Ieceived an uneditied proof of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest Lord Byron at Harrow School: Speaking Out, Talking Back, Acting Up, Bowing Out reviewThis book features poems that focus on different familyelationships Why did I pick this #Book Up I M Always #up I m always for ways to introduce diverse people and families to my students I m also going through a poetry kick at the moment Did I enjoy it It was Teaching Machines: Learning from the Intersection of Education and Technology really cute It was uite short but I liked the amount of diversity covered in the poems The poems were well written and I do like poems thathyme It was a uick and entertaining Sisi: Empress on Her Own read How could I use it in my teachin. All families come in different shapes and sizes but they are all special when they love andespect each other These hyming stories are a celebration of the diversity of families and encourage inclusion and acceptance in a child'. ,

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Students To Read Outside 
to The Art of Slow Writing: Reflections on Time, Craft, and Creativity read outside It could also be used to introduce family lessons to show students how others families can be different and to different ways in which families can be created Did I learn something I don t think so Did it have goodepresentation Yes There were all kinds of different families including gay and lesbian families adoptive families foster families black and white mixed The Life of Samuel Johnson race families and transgender children to name just a few Anything else One thing that got under my skin was one poem thatelated the colour of the black Mum And Blackwhite Mixed Race and blackwhite mixed Statistical Inference race skins to food Please check out this blog that explains why food analogies for skin colour are not ok JFICCopyright 52017This book falls into two categories it is a diverse literature book and juvenile fiction This story tells about a family that isn t the same size or color Ms Collins shares this story touching on the many differences that humans have with one anothe. SelationshipsBy promoting diversity and understanding in family life and elsewhere these stories support a positive approach to life at a young age which fosters strong mental health and well being Each page is dedicated to a di.
Eva Perón: The Myths of a Woman
R She does this with a humorous vision of families and how they should all be different because that s what makes us all individuals With each page being of a different family is shares what the differences in families are through the colorful illustrations This story is a great ead and it also illustrates how families are different through beautiful illustrations I love this book It comes from a eally fantastic place of wanting every child whatever their family set up to feel like they belong and matter As the parent of a trans kid it was Tigers in Normandy really moving toead about of a trans kid it was Presidential Secrecy and the Law really moving toead about in a way that is really moving to ead about in a way that is clear and warm This is very much written to be appealing and understandable for 5 8 year olds with the charming poem format and the colourful and fun illustrations Covers so many different situations and set ups that it is great as a kid may not only see a poem that describes something similar to their experience but would also show them that they are part of a wonderful vibrant and diverse world. Fferent family with stories exploring adoption fostering disability ace gender and illness Filled with humour and delightfully illustrated children will love Hume on Religion reading these stories with friends family and in school again and again.