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I Love My Dad fA woman but is now sleeping with you again and she has always wanted touck on a bed of rose petals She has had this All about Us fantasyor years The night before her birthday you and your riend Nick pull every last rose rom the Boston Common You pay Nick with a Baggie Of Pot And of pot and wanders off down Charles Street You put the clipped rose heads in Noni Speaks Up five gallon paint buckets and carry the buckets over to Lisa s apartment and you pluck all the petals and spread them on her bed before she gets homerom her late poetry class It does not end well Roses have insects Lots of them But at least you tried And you showed Lisa that she most certainly did not rom then on want a bed of rose petalsin a way this book reminds me of The World is on Fire Scrap Treasure and Songs of the Apocalypse in which personal memoir alternates with history pop culture song lyrics and all sorts of other stuff in a poetical slipstreamy journey about endings i guess joni tevis doesn t write hers in nuggets like this but the unexpected connective tissues between her associative leaps are similar and they stir the same dream logic parts of the brain as this one Liar is earthier and ruder and debauched than tevis ocus but it definitely awakens the same mind pockets in me anyway again your brain differs An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) from my brain and is likely better at mathfastunny and not too douchey what could you want rom a book let s call it a our i ve been Wish Upon a Wedding feeling veryour y lately35 4 somewhere in there i ll probably igure it out while i m reviewing it which is coming LGMcome to my blog LIAR is ironically a gut wrenchingly honest self portrait I always eel uncomfortable rating memoirs especially ones that deal with trauma and Rob Roberge has dealt with Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other far than hisair share of traumatic shit I am tremendously impressed with anyone who is willing to expose themselves as drastically as Roberge has in this book Received as an uncorrected proof Richard Nixon: The Life from LibraryThingor an honest review The irst time I ever met Memoir was at the back of a high school creative writing class If you ve never been in a creative writing class or have always plopped down ront and center in eager anticipation of being doused in literary genius I highly suggest a trip down the row to a seat at the back or a change if you re given the opportunity The litera Thank you to Net Galley or an advanced copy of this book I absolutely loved this book This is Roberge s memoir Snippets and pictures of parts of his life He was a hard drinking drug addicted sex addict who has bipolar disorder Always brutally honest and at times hard to read Roberge is putting down his life story because he may not remember it later He has had so many concussions in hi lifetime that

are afraid he may suffer CTE a degenerative brain disease that can only be diagnosed post mortem The coolest part *of this book is the writing style It is told completely in the second person He writes *this book is the writing style It is told completely in the second person He writes if you the reader are experiencing everything he has It is incredibly powerful and moving I loved this book Puppet Master for its honesty in examining mental illness It helps stop the stigma associated with talking about it Well done So honored to publish this memoir in paperback on Future Tense A brilliant and one of a kind memoir about mental illness death sex love memory and so much. N and out existence cobbled together across the countryrom musicians’ crashpads around Boston to seedy bars popular with sideshow Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners freaks in Florida to a painful moment of reckoning in the scorched Wonder Valley desert of California As Roberge struggles to keep addiction and mental illnessrom destroying the good life he has built in his better moments he is orced to acknowledge the increasingly blurred line between the lies we tell others and the lies we tell ourselv. ,
F a blackout experience where you re unmoored rom restraint or typical standards of behavior well anything can happen and usually it ll all on the side of dickish as unintentional as it may be and maybe Home is Burning lowered my standards of dickish to a dangerous level but this guy s shitty behavior wasn t shitty enough to make me uncomfortable while reading this book and he was actually unny as opposed to dan marshall whose desperate clownishness made that book "such a drag to read this one on the other hand just lows in a delightful way i d been reading "a drag to read this one on the other hand just lows in a delightful way i d been reading book i just couldn t get into so i picked this one up before bed intending to read a chapter or two to get a sense of it and i ended up staying up until 5 in the morning and inishing the whole damn thing the act that it s mostly written in these little bite sized ragments makes it incredibly zoomy to read and you re propelled rom one little chunk of a memory one Why Diets Make Us Fat filed away statistic one anecdote heard along the way oneragment of life after another not even necessarily connected by anything obvious mirroring the way things Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., float your own head with your own memories i mean i assume i don t know your headhere are aew samples so you can get a sense of it the way it moves but they re not necessarily in the book order or even the complete snippet i ve selected to suit my own tastes and interests You are nine years old You have saved your money Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, from allowance and mowing lawns and harvesting potatoes at Johnson s Farm and you have purchased Bruce Springsteen s Born to Run at the Sam Goody at the mallYou look at the cover Bruce Springsteen is cool He s got a guitar Guitar players are cool even at nine years old you know that much Your dad who s a narcotics officer says Springsteen s dressed like a homelessucking hippie By nine you have already decided where homeless Everyday life in medieval times fucking hippiealls in relation to narcotics officer on the bell graph of cool You have given two blow jobs in your life The irst was purely out of curiosity You wanted to know what it was like And it was if not something you really wanted to repeat interesting "You think cocks *are pretty interesting You think they would be a lot interesting if they were attached to "think cocks *are pretty interesting You think they would be a lot interesting if they were attached to *pretty interesting You think they would be a lot interesting if they were attached to women riend tells you that in twenty three of the last twenty seven ring deaths in professional boxing the ather was the cornerman It makes sense A ighter in trouble would never uit on his Dead Giveaway father no matter what kind of relationship they had And aighter unable to protect himself is too Andrew Lost In the Kitchen far gone By the time a punch can kill you you re not even conscious enough to uit Theighter is helpless Only the cornerman throwing in the towel can save him Twenty three Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism fathers didn t throw that towel If Audrey Hepburn shaved her head and looked like you should never everuck with her she might have looked like Michelle Easter You are smitten She at best doesn t seem to be Knowing something may make it a Nope fact buteeling something makes it a truth And the truth is you are trapped You have nowhere left to go that doesn t make you Rejected Rejected Rejected feel like your life has added up in the end and despite some great moments to you being a loser who just can t stay clean Who can t keep people happy Who can tunction in this world You re done Defeated You are in love with Lisa who once left you Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison for. Rlfriend to a diagnosis of rapid cycling bipolar disorder to openingor Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz famed indie band Yo La Tengo at The Fill in San Francisco But the process of trying to remember his past only exposes just howragile the stories that lay at the heart of our self conception really are  As  Liar twists and turns through Roberge’s life it turns the Buck: A Memoir familiar story of sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll on its head Darklyunny and brutally rank it offers a remarkable portrait of a dow. You have scars you lie about and scars you tell the truth abouta memoir in second person what a countrynot only is this told in second person where you have experienced some truly horrible shit my Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series friend but it s also told in nonlinear occasionally contradictory snippets as roberge who may or may not have CTE that conditionootball players get Five Days Left from being clonked in the head all dayeatured in that movie where will smith tries really hard to win an oscar by saying his line twice Searching for Robert Johnson for emphasisand also depicted by treat williams on SVUand which can only be diagnosed in an autopsy records his memories in case he startsorgetting huge chunks of his life due to his condition yes i made a mess of that sentence breaking it up with all those pictures but i regret nothingalong the way he begins to realize how many of what he s always thought of as memories might be misremembrances Blood on Silk flat out lies to shore up the mythology he s constructed about himselfor others or his ownself or told because he s ashamed about not remembering so much of his life prior to the maybe CTE diagnosis simply because his lifestyle of excess You don t remember how you get a lot of your scars You wake up Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol for yearsrom drunken and drugged blackouts with deep bruises and gashes and cuts Friends tell you how you got some of them Others still remain a mystery You have told a lie about almost every one of them whether you remember how you got them or not to riends *To People At Parties *people at parties in bars to lovers who see you naked Sometimes you tell the truth Someone will ask about one of your scars and you will say you have no idea where it came rom and you By the Lake of Sleeping Children feel betteror having told the truth but worse and deeply regretful that it is the truth That you have wasted so many years of your life That Bill Carey Rides West/The Town No Guns Could Tame/Bowdrie Rides a Coyote Trail for years you only knew what you had done the night before because ariend or lover would tell youit must be said that rob roberge is not a professional Erano guerrieri football player and that his possible CTE would be a result of concussions occurring while playing basketball as a teen head slamming seizures while intoxicated an industrial sized can of hotudge Moral Disorder and Other Stories falling on his head when he worked at h agen dazs make a movie of that hollywood on top of the repeated head trauma and the addictive personality leading to roberge s overindulgences in alcohol drugs and casual sex this guy s also got a serious bipolar conditionor which he mostly takes his medicine but which still causes him enough manic episodes during which he remembers nothing to be than a minor inconvenience his situation isn t always common knowledge even among his Sallies of the Mind friends and loved ones so these episodes can be misinterpreted by others at great personal cost but at least it sounds pretty It s like the MRIs you will later see of your brain The bipolar brain lights up andires differently than a normal brain At your particular baseline which is a state known as hypomania your brain looks like a lovely planet covered with an electrical storm A green and red planet with glowing white hot veins iring connecting everything It looks incredible impossibly beautiful It s where all your trouble liesgoing into this i was actually bracing myself or this guy to be of an asshole when you couple addiction with a brain chemistry that gives you the euivalent An intense memoir about mental illness memory and storytelling Gumbo: A Celebration of African American Writing from an acclaimed novelist When Rob Roberge learns that he's likely to have developed a progressive memory eroding diseaserom years of hard living and reuent concussions he is terrified by the prospect of becoming a walking shadow In a desperate attempt to preserve his identity he sets out to somewhat aithfully record the most The Exposure formative moments of his life rangingrom the brutal murder of his childhood gi. Liar A Memoir