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Bs and dangles him above the ground until it s apparent Racso has learned his lesson It was in no way Nicodemus from the first book I don t even know what to make of the manner in which Jeremy the crow is depicted it felt disrespectful and cheap The plot is mediocre at best and involves weak echoes of crises from the first book as well as changing events from the first Book That Should Have Been Left Alone It S Also that should have been left alone It s also partially due to this book s wearying preoccupation with computers that while Racso s story takes place only 3 or so ears after the end of Mrs Frisby there was actually a gap of a couple decades there was actually a gap of a couple decades between publicationsMy criticisms of Racso however are the misogyny and casual racism While I was annoyed by the sexism in the first book the story is still extremely enjoyable and allows for productive conversations regarding paternalism deceit and dignity In Racso there are significantly girlwoman characters than in the original story but they re lazy stereotypes and incessantly mansplained Isabella is compulsively flirtatious and ruled by emotions Bertha is shrewish Elvira is the stoic professional Sally panics unless there s a man present to be her ballast Mrs Frisby is frightened at everything and can t make a decision by herself Toxic heteronormative romantic conuest is a freuent theme and many times Racso decides to be decent to another rat simply because well she is an attractive rat after all Several times throughout the book Racso refers to the film The Last of the Mohicans as his source for learning Indian skills and makes multiple inappropriate comments essentially labeling Indigenous groups exotic relicsThis book contains none of O Brien s timeless storytelling and I can t recommend it Do ourself a favor read Mrs Frisby and just pretend this book doesn t exist Written by Robert C O Brien s daughter this is a beautiful work that s not only faithful to the rich characters O Brien created but adds additional emotional layers and even excitement than the first Just a genuinely great seuel In some way I like it better than the original It lacks the uniue aspect in a children s book of a widowed mother as the main character but it has rat civilization stuff and I super dig that. Tors' Choices BLChildren's Choices for 1987 IRACBCNotable 1986 Childrens' Trade Books in Social Studies NCSSCBC1986 Children's Books NY Public LibraryBest Science FictionFantasy 1986 VO. ,

Ad I m awfully sorry to my sister in law to whom I sent my copy of this book It had to be doneThis might have been a passable book if it weren t passed off As A Seuel To Mrs Frisby And a seuel to Mrs Frisby and Rats of NIMH Maybe if the author really wanted to write a book about hyperintelligent rodents she could have used Mr O Brien s universe et rodents she could have used Mr O Brien s universe Comprendre et grer les conflits dans les entreprises et les organisations yet enoughears go by that she writes about different rats She should certainly not have used a character who is dead Sorry even if there s no body that rat is deadO Brien s work is subtle This is heavy handed and blunt Also I couldn t stand the main character I don t know why Ms Conly felt entitled to use this universe It is possible that she is a relative of Mr O Brien but I recall that his family finished Z for Zachariah after his death and that transition wherever in the book it is is seamlessThis is something else The only thing that kept this from being 4 stars for me is that Racso is written a little too wellI was very glad to learn that the author is the daughter of the man who wrote the original story I haven t read it but I ve always meant to and I m just OCD enough about such things that to have this seuel written by some random stranger would really have irritated me This can definitely be read and enjoyed even without having read the previous story although I think it assumes we have there are spoilers in it for the first book The cast of characters was a bit large to really individualize but Ms Conly did about as well as could be expected with thatThis was sweet and fun and I would absolutely have adored it if I d read it as a child Jane Leslie Conly is the daughter of Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH author Robert C O Brien and wrote Racso and the Rats of NIMH and R T Margaret and the Rats of NIMH following his death Whatever the professional or personal reasons may be for having turned Mrs Frisby into a series I wish it had been left as a standalone Conly lacks O Brien s narrative skill subtlety and originality The characters we meet in the first book including Nicodemus Justin and even Mrs Frisby herself think and behave in inconsistent ways and the new characters are obnoxious and do not demonstrate significant growth At one point Nicodemus gets so angry with Racso he gra. T but a crisis gives him the opportunity to prove his mettle A worthy successor to Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH a Newbery Medal winner by the author's father' 'BL 1986 Children's Edi. This seuel to the classic Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH is a wonderful little read for fans of the original written by the author s daughter It features the story of an original character s son Rasco Other reviews of different editions of this same book had me shaking my head at the negativity I absolutely enjoyed it immensely Everything is done true to the first book and the plot is interesting and characters well rounded Although I am an adult I love books aimed at older children and I was astounded that anyone would not find this book a thoroughly good read It can t have been easy with a classic book to follow on from but I think it s a great job well done Yes I probably read this book when I was in third or fourth grade So what I still enjoy it I love the community the rats are supposed to have formed in the wilderness and the little details about their lives in the valley The plot can go hang for all I care but I love the idea of rats with rucksacks gathering seeds for their tiny little utopia writing letters with pokeberry ink on Birchbark PaperAlso It Always Makes paperAlso it always makes want peppermint patties It is strange to say I liked this one just as much if not than the first book especially being that it is written By A Different Author a different author focusing on the ounger generation really is entertaining in this book I know it definitely is not the same style nor feeling of the original but both have their place if differently and both I consider great reads The first one was better This gets an extra star for being less sexist than the first wasSeriously people Rats are not sexistAlso I want rats I thought this was a charming book Once again I ve rats I thought this was a charming book Once again I ve to reading children s books I am not ashamed to admit it I ve never read the first book written by Jane Conly s father but as a child I enjoyed an animated movie based on it so I had a general understanding of the story I think I will have to look for the fist book at the library I think it would be interesting to compare the fatherdaughter writing styles This was a uick read and enjoyable enough that I didn t immediately fall asleep within the first few paragraphs every day when reading in bed That s always a good sign for me I m going to recommend that my daughter re. ‘Racso a brash and boastful little rodent is making his way to Thorn Valley determined to learn how to read and write and become a hero His bragging and lies get him off to a bad star. ,

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