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His poems If you cultivate an appreciation for Stafford s style I highly recommend listening to these recordingsWhile traversing this volume I notched the ears of the poems I liked best But when I was finished and had a chance to look back over my most liked their numbers ostled and shoved all wanting to be recognized Listing them all would be redundant yet I fear having to choose which to overlook So I will randomly choose all

would be redundant 
be redundant I fear having to choose which to overlook So I will randomly choose or four five poems in no specific order After A Sleazy Show Distractions Playing the Game With Apologies All Around In the Library The Bent Over ones Pretty Good Day What Gets Away From the Wild People Cottonwood Ask Me One of my favorite collections shefollowed where it went like a snowflakein love ravishing. Sive landmarks and intimacies with the universe Long considered a major voice in twentieth century American poetry William Stafford is also one of our nation's most popular poe. Having read and enjoyed s work in various anthologies and compilations I found this volume disappointing It contains some lovely gems but the collection itself has a dreary lugubrious and at times morbid flavor written by a poet who perhaps was obsessing a bit too much over his twilight years For me this collection of poems by William Stafford is a retreat into silence and beauty to those uiet places filled with light sometimes white sometimes rainbow hued of the reverence of nature of forgotten places and ways of life The poems in the last section of the book are part of a collection called The Methow River Poems written for the the US Forest Service As Meditative Texts Service as meditative texts be displayed along a wilderness road Through this last. This book brings together four privately printed chapbooks and offers them to the general public in one volume All the poems are in William Stafford's familiar reflective voice. Even in uiet Places PoemsCollection written right before his death Stafford has us through nature S Elements Uestioning Our elements uestioning in nature and creating a longing for stillnessThe final part of the collection a real treat was written by Stafford s son after his death and before publishing this final collection of his work In it his son after his death and before publishing this final collection of his work In it his son up a window into the private yearnings and musings of Even in uiet Places is a short collection of poetry by William Stafford January 17 1914 August 28 1993 The poems are accessible to all and there s an afterward by Kim Stafford Oregon is celebrating the centennial of Stafford s birth and I ve been reading and listening to a lot of his work The local library has a handful of audio collections with Stafford reading. And some had been freshly typed at the time of Stafford's death in August of 1993 The book is hospitable to a full range of experiences moods stunts with language tones expres. ,