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Jeopardy Worst of all as their sensitive bodies are manipulated and teased the girls begin to experience a disturbing sexual Will they come through their begin to experience a sexual pleasure Will they come through their fully fledged sisters of Gamma Xi Epsilonor will they willingly submit to life as “Kitchy Bitches” the sorority’s permanent tickle slav. Different take on traditional azing rituals No or swallowing for these girls; our trio of eroines will face the most exuisite torture of all tickling bare feet and shapely young bodies will be tied feathered and fingered by guys and girls alike until their sanity itself is in. It’s Hell Week and a trio of gorgeous coeds blonde goddess Tammi Asian lovely Mai and LATINA SPITFIRE LUCIA ARE WILLING TO spitfire Lucia are willing to the most umiliating torments imaginable all in opes of getting into Gamma Xi Epsilon the country’s most exclusive sorority Little do
They Know The Xi Sisterhood 
know the Xi sisterhood a slightly.

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Sorority Tickle Hell