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Rted lingering around the pair and it was implied that she was his lover During a conversation at Shirotani s home the girl asked if he wants to have a new mother but Shirotani said he doesn t need one because he already has his dad The girl pressed on that his dad needs someone special in his life aside from his son and Shirotani an innocent ten year old casually remarked that he would marry his dad instead because he knows he can make his dad happy It was a very naive comment from a child who didn t know better but the girl THIS HORRIBLE CUNT OF A HUMAN BEING got angry and told Shirotani that he is a filthy boy for wanting to marry his father Normally someone who has a compassionate heart would have laughed it off and ust explain to the boy why the father would need to remarry I could think of a dozen better ways to react than how that cunt did Then go die in a cleansing fire for extra measure you bitchBut that s not the worst thing that she did and the reason why I maintain that she deserves to be called the mightiest cunt of cunts while being stoned to death is because of the extremes she went through in order to prove to Shirotani again A TEN YEAR OLD BOY that she is the only one who can make the father happy Are you guys ready to read about it It s sickening I tell you But here we go One night in his father s office the girl had Shirotani hide in one of the lockers When the father arrived she started seducing him until they ended up having sex RIGHT THERE AND THEN WITH SHIROTANI STILL HIDING IN THE CLOSET Shirotani shockingly witnessing his own parent engaging in sexual congress was immediately unable to process and cope because he started getting aroused too and it terrified him To relive himself he started masturbating for the first time because he remembered one of his classmates telling him that if his penis starts to hurt then he should rub it After the cunt got what she wanted the father leaves because he thought he heard some noise in one of the classrooms Smug with her new breed of malice the girl then addresses Shirotani in the closet bragging that he could never have sex with his father the way she Spirit of the Wolf just had and therefore she should be the one that gets married to the father When he didn t answer she opens the closet and finds him trembling with his pants down around his ankles crying and very much stupefied about whatust happened And her reaction She screams at him that HE IS DISGUSTINGHow does this affect the young Shirotani TREMENDOUSLY He was unable to speak to his father about it of course and his innocent familial affection for his own parent was tainted to the point where he outright refuses to be touched by him later on IT WAS PAINFUL AND WRONG AND ALL KINDS OF HEARTBREAKING What happened to Shirotani was definitely A SEXUAL TRAUMA The worst thing is that his father might have gotten married to that selfish cunt which would explain why I never really get to see the father again now that Shirotani is an adult As horrible as this part of the story was I thought it was an interesting facet and a meaningful backstory that explained effectively why Shirotani is both simultaneously repulsed and aroused by sex and why he thinks sexy is a dirty dirty act It s really sad to see him deny himself intimacy with his own father This scene broke my heartTHE BAD So now we have established that Shirotani even now as a man in his thirties is still traumatized by the pain and loss that cost him the relationship he used to have with his father and has suffered a #gross violation pertaining to his childhood innocence As a result he developed an inability to get #violation pertaining to his childhood innocence As a result he developed an inability to get close with anyone without going through torturous bouts of self loathing and disgust And then here comes Kurose who at first was a positive influence in his life who aimed to help him overcome influence in his life who aimed to help him overcome phobia For a while Shirotani was making some progress but then he develops attraction for his therapist which does happen but there are fail safes that must be in place when SUCH SCENARIOS DO HAPPEN SUCH AS scenarios do happen such as referred to another doctor However this is a yaoi manga so the solution was still based on the fantasy of sexual dominance and submission where Kurose blatantly expressing his interest and desire for Shirotani gets close to Shirotani physically in spite of the dangerous effect that could have on the man Shirotani has sexual trauma and mental anguish and badly needs the behavorial therapy and what does Kurose do instead Yeah this fucking thingTHE UGLY He proceeds to engage in increasingly sexual scenarios with him where Shirotani explicitly verbalized so many times that he is uncomfortable of the physical intimacy that Kurose initiates Sure he gives in anyway because his body craves physical enjoyment but that doesn t mean he is mentally prepared for it AND IT DOESN T GIVE KUROSE THE RIGHT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SHIROTANI S TRUST The dubious consent scenarios are on high alert for this manga but much like most yaoi this is fetishize instead of being addressed as a serious problem that definitely almost crosses that thin line between consent and rape I am appalled that Kurose even declared at some point that he wants to degrade Shirotani by making him feel the pleasurable agony of sexual arousal and completion I also have a problem with the softening resolve that Shirotani displays every time Kurose outright rapes him It s like he would fight back at first but his will starts to deflate as soon as his body starts feeling good THAT IS STILL CONSIDERED RAPE because if the person receiving the pleasure feels guilty and disgusted of himself afterwards then there is a lack of true consent in the first place And it will continue to become a systematic abuse in the later chaptersShirotani is not a normal person who can be held completely responsible for his decisions especially when he is at the mercy of the one person who should take a moral obligation to respect his boundaries and help him get better Shirotani is vulnerable and damaged goods and Kurose is an absolute prick to have sex with him nilly willy And to do it as his therapist It would have been lessevil if he gave up his professional relationship with Shirotani and ust be some asshole who is taking advantage of someone else than be a care specialist and do this kind of things to said patient Honestly this has yet to be tackled in the story and that is why I have hopes that Shirotani will assert his agency and seek out help probably from his boss and co worker Mikami who are both genuinely concerned about him because Kurose is not at all the person he should associate himself with regardless whether or not he is attracted to him and especially then I M NOT EVEN GOING TO TALK ABOUT KUROSE PROCLAIMING HE LOVES SHIROTANI BECAUSE CLEARLY THIS IS NOT HOW YOU SHOW THAT YOU LOVE SOMEONE Just a normal heart to heart between a victim and his rapistRATING SO FAR 710DO READ MY REVIEWS AT. ト」公式サイト tvアニメ「テンカウント」年放送決定! 商業BL テンカウント第巻 YouTube 宝井理人さんの「テンカウント」の巻のご紹介です この作品の購入はコチラから → テンカウント Wikipedia 宝井理人「テンカウント」INFORMATION テンカウント ブランケット 月日発売 ♥価格:円+税 ♥サイズ:ミリミリ ♥素材:ポリエステル% ♥「Double Count Secret Party in Osaka」と「ディアプラス周年記念原画展@松本PARCO」会場で販売 テンカウント マルシェバッグ 月日発売 ♥価格:円+税 ♥サイ 「テンカウント」のアニメ化が決定!いつから放 アニメ化が決定した「テンカウント」の第期に関する情報を紹介します。年に「テンカウント」のアニメ第期は放送される?ディアプラスで連載されていた漫画「テンカウント」(宝井理人)のテレビアニメ化が決定し、アニメ第期が年から?.

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I was so disappointed in this This first volume didn t draw me into the characters or to the story This was also very umpy and it felt like some panels were taken out so the illustrations in relation to the story were kind of story The next thing that bothered me was the OCD rep Basically this guy approaches our main character and see s that hes wearing gloves He proceeds to call him a germaphobe and that he should see a psychologist and well what do you know this man is a psychologist He works with Shirotani and gives him a list of ten things to do to cure his OCD He literally says you will be completely cured That really pissed me off mental illness is not that easy You can t follow a list and be completely cured I thought that was so unrealistic and not a good message to people who are not informed about mental illness or OCD specifically Ahhhh this was so sweet Edited because I cannot let those four stars be any I still stand by my review of volume one because it was good but it goes downhill so fast after that and becomes a fucked up trainwreck of a manga that I feel two stars are generous Basically the problem is that it s badly written A better mangaka could have told a great story with this setting but despite the hype Takarai Rihito may be a good artist but she is not a good writer I get why this is so popular but as we all know uantity of volumes sold has nothing to do with uality My old review starts hereBecause I only looked at the cover and not at the text on the obi or the back cover I thought this was some kind of futuristic boxing manga coughs It s really not though Shirotani is a guy suffering from misophobia Because he has an understanding boss he mostly gets by but then his boss gets caught up in a traffic accident partly because Shirotani couldn t bring himself to help him Thankfully his boss was safed by a young man called Kurose who turns out to be a therapist and suggests Shirotani gets help for his condition And somehow that help ends up being Kurose himself not officially as Shirotani s therapists however but in order to become his friend It s not the most believable set up but I liked that she didn t have him be his official therapist because that would have been icky This way it s ust a bit weird Kurose lets Shirotani make a list of ten actions he finds difficult to do rated from possible to very difficult And then he tells him to meet him at a cafe every week and try and work his way up the list Actually the last spot is still empty and when Shirotani asks Kurose why he s doing all this Kurose tells him he ll let him know once he reaches number ten My BL sense was obviously tingling at that And so beings Shirotani s therapyTo be honest I d buy Takarai Rihito s manga sight unseen so I like the way the story is unfolding so far and I am already looking forward to whatever s coming next The art is very pretty as usual and both Shirotani and Kurose are very intriguing characters And as I mentioned before I like that she was aware making Kurose Shirotani s official therapist would have been problematic to say the least I always like when it s obvious the mangaka think about things like this Interesting plot likeable characters and gorgeous art Definitely worth reading IntriguingThe premise is pretty awesome A boy with misophobia He cannot let anything touch him And he cannot bear the thought of anybody or anything touching him And another boy who falls in love with him and pushes him into doing things he doesn t like because he finds them disgusting but that he really wants to do nonethelessThe other MC is a psychologist with his own issues Both have painful pasts and both have their very own reasons to be what they are even when they may not be aware #OF THEMI WISH I COULD READ A MM ROMANCE #themI wish I could read a mm romance about this topicI ve read another yaoi by this author Seven Days which I didn t like But this one was compelling and sensual Maybe a little twisted but whateverThis is a review of the whole seriesRead in Manga RockVolumes and chaptersview spoilerVolume 6 chapters 34 Volume 5 chapters 25 33Volume 4 chapters 19 245Volume 3 chapters 13 185Volume 2 chapters 7 126Volume 1 chapters 1 65 hide spoiler This was such an interesting manga Shirotani is a mysophobic which means he s irrationally afraid of germs and bacteria And Kurose Kun is a psychiatrist who knew Shirotani is mysophobic right away And Kusose decided to help him cure the irrational fear by using exposure therapy But the doctor started to have feelings for the patient and it freaked him out So he decided to cut the ties with Shirotani which crushed him completely This was a bittersweet romance which tagged my heart a lot while reading it The attraction between these two men is sweet sexy and tantalizing at the same time This is a very promising start to an already completed manga series Onto
#The Next Volume Right Away #
next volume right away genuinely good doctor if you know what I mean stars BR with em Not much happened in this first volume so I don t feel like I can give it than 3 stars but I m definitely curious to read the next one right away I m not really sure how I feel about this one ust yetIt s off to a decent start but I ve gone ahead and read some reviews for the other volumes in the series and it looks like my instincts were right Something feels slightly off about this one and based on some of the things I read I should go into the rest of this series with a bit of cautionAs of right now the characters are a little flat especially Kurosethere s ust nothing to him yet Shirotani is slightly interesting but I feel like there s so much to learn about both of these charactersThe storylineconcept plays on the whole doctorpatient trope so it Since I got a copy that looked like thisI took it to work with me to use our electronic cutting machine to sever the pagesand framed the coverI m keeping the black and white pages because I have a plan to use them for a papier m ch thingyLuckily I got a refund and didn t have to send the damaged one back so I m happy and once convinced to buy my manga directly at my trusted store it s only that I didn t have the time to make a detour to that store so I ordered online well something good came out of it eventually didn t it As for the story It is sooo good and I wish I didn t have to wait for the next volume The way it was told it felt like you were inside the story at one point I realized I was hearingimaginig all the sounds and really feeling for Shirotani I was ust so immersed in the story The way the emotions are displayed is ust really well done Vol 1 That was absolutely incredible If it tells you anything upon finishing this manga I immediately ordered volume 2 because I needed to continue the series as soon as possible The art is stunning the story is intriguing the characters are immensely lovable The main character Shirotani has OCD and is terrified of germs The representation was somethi. テンカウント 巻 |無料試し読みなら漫画(マン テンカウント 巻|「黒瀬くんといると、少しだけ普通の人になったみたいに錯覚する」潔癖症の社長秘書・城谷は偶然出会ったカウンセラーの黒瀬から、潔癖症を克服するための個人的なカウンセリングを受けることになる。項目をつずつクリアする療法を進めるうち、次第に黒瀬に惹かれ テンカウント() 漫画・無料試し読みなら、電子 テンカウント() 円(税込) 「黒瀬くんといると、少しだけ普通の人になったみたいに錯覚する」潔癖症の社長秘書・城谷は偶然出会ったカウンセラーの黒瀬から、潔癖症を克服するための個人的なカウンセリングを受けることになる。 テンカウント ディアプラス・コミックス | 宝 で宝井 理人のテンカウント ディアプラス・コミックス。アマゾンならポイント還元本が多数。宝井. .
Ng I was a little nervous of when I picked the book up but there was no need for my caution because it s executed beautifullyNot only does Shirotani display a ton of very legitimate and real compulsions that a lot of people with OCD will relate to uietly raises hand mine doesn t manifest in the same exact ways but I related big time to the thoughts and concerns he has but I also love the fact that he is in no way cured by the time he spends with his love interest in fact he makes most of the progress without his counselor Kurose even being present Note here I should mention however that if you have a problem with immersionexposure therapy methods being utilized in mental health this won t be the series for youOn top of everything else the chemistry between Shirotani and Kurose is so clear and sweet from the beginning and I loved how when other minor characters noticed the tension they were all so accepting and even incredibly encouraging All in all it was a great read and I can t wait for volume 2 to arrive in the mail The first time I read this manga I was reading another shounen ai story which is engrossing and oh so beautiful I ll be re reading that series again and posting a review some time in the coming months so I easily put this down since it s only a casual read especially when I reached at least ten chapters or so and I found the sudden shift into the sex a bit arring and admittedly uite offensive This is still an ongoing work mind you so I m careful not to have a very definitive opinion about the narrative ust yet although I must say that this has a very promising premise and it might have been a compelling emotionally mature read if it was published as a osei work and not simply a yaoi material Sadly the intended purpose for this manga was for some sexy times to commence and therein lies the problem because I get the sense that author Takarai sensei must really want to expand on the inner conflict her protagonist is struggling with but since this is published as a yaoi she had to comply to the demands of editors to put some sexy stuff already because who wants to read about believable character development dealing with a phobia anywayWell as it turns out I do Upon my second reading this week I think that it s worth noting that Takarai eventually got to the point in this manga where she has provided readers with a very intriguing backstory that personally made me hope that she can recitify the unpleasant situation that his two leads got caught up in because of the early and dubiously consented sexual scenarios that happened between them But I m getting ahead of myself There is a reason why I still re read this work and that s because I want to give my insights on the direction of the writing and the portrayal of the characters struggles concerning his phobia I m not sure I can recommend it ust yet however Hopefully the author will publish installments and that the story would improve along the way I actually do want it to because I am intrigued with the conflict THE PLOT A man in his thirties suffers with acute mysophobia a fear of dirt and filth and meets a therapist from a mental health clinic who volunteered to help him with his crippling affliction The therapist puts him under what is known as exposure therapy To do so the therapist had the mysophobe write down his Top 10 list of the things he is not comfortable doing and brings him the most anxiety with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest doing and brings him the most anxiety with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest 10 was left blank and this is where the patient s trauma stems from which we will later find out as the story progresses CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGESAn attraction develops between them which stemmed from said mysophobe s dependence on the therapist also known as transference and said therapist also begins to reciprocate the patient s feelings also known as countertransference because these things tend to happen in psychotheraphy This manga examines the complexities of such a circumstance but also fails to address as of yet the serious repercussions of such an unhealthy relationshipTHE CHARACTERS Shirotani is the mysophobe and Kurose is his therapist a much younger man who has uestionable ethics From the very beginning we see Shirotani has to wear gloves to counter his fear of touching dirty things and he also obsessively washes his hands to the point that his skin is badly scarring and peeling in some place He meets Kurose during a chance encounter and the latter offered his services as a therapist Things were going well for a while because Kurose seems dedicated to help Shirotani to #overcome his phobia little by little and he was patient enough to stay by his phobia little by little he was patient enough to stay by his even when Shirotani once broke down in the middle of a public transit because of a panic attack after being sneezed upon by accident I thought Shirotani s characterization is well written I can sympathize with his struggle and I m also curious about the flashbacks from his past when he was a child which later on has a key importance as to why he developed his phobia in the first placeOn the other hand I was already suspicious of Kurose which gradually faded when he made the wise assertive decision to distance himself from Shirotani after he realizes that he is becoming attracted to his patient Unfortunately suddenly cutting ties from Shirotani INSTEAD OF RECOMMENDING HIM TO ANOTHER DOCTOR HOW IRRESPONSIBLE COULD YOU BE was ill advised because all the progress that Shirotani has made only regressed and he became withdrawn to the point where he stopped going to work Kurose came to his aid and finally admitted why he had to stay away from Shirotani That pivotal scene where he wrapped a acket around Shirotani so he can hug him was heartfelt in a way and made me forget for a while that what Kurose has done to Shirotani was already reckless and I probably shouldn t trust him at this point AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO RIGHTTHE CONFLICT Good looking therapist in his late twenties and a hot mess of a man in his thirties with a crippling phobia as his deal breaker baggage find themselves sexually attracted to each other It s a delicious premise that would allow a conscientious writer to explore issues concerning physical and emotional intimacy and co dependence all the while cautioning readers with the fall outs and problems that could arise when a person such as Shirotani engages in a relationship that could only harm his progress and recovery considering it s with a mental health physician who really should know better than to reciprocate his patient s feelingsTHE GOOD Let me discuss my favorite part of this manga that was enough reason for me to re read review and look forward to the conclusion of its story In a chapter that illustrated Shirotani s childhood it was revealed that he was raised by a single father who is a high school teacher They were close and his father was very sweet and affectionate to him However a student of his sta. 理人作品ほか、お急ぎ便対象商品は当日お届けも可能。またテンカウント ディアプラス・コミックスもアマゾン配送商品なら通常配送無料。 テンカウント() ディアプラス・コミックス | で宝井理人のテンカウント() ディアプラス・コミックス。アマゾンならポイント還元本が多数。一度購入いただいた電子書籍は、KindleおよびFire端末、スマートフォンやタブレットなど、様々な端末でもお楽しみいただけます。 テンカウント ボーイズラブ・BL漫画 無料で試 テンカウント の詳細。「黒瀬くんといると、少しだけ普通の人になったみたいに錯覚する」潔癖症の社長秘書・城谷は偶然出会ったカウンセラーの黒瀬から、潔癖症を克服するための個人的なカウンセリングを受けることになる。項目をつずつクリアする療法を進めるうち、次第に黒瀬に TVアニメ「テンカウン. テンカウント 1