(EBOOK) [The Kalish Method]

شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى gThe bookives several solid uidelines for health The advice is pretty standard fair that is found in most ood functional medicine books was a small section that was a fairly ood introduction to amino acid therapy It s emphasized the importance of balancing amino acids to avoid neurotransmitter imbalances The discussion only focused on the balancing dopamine and serotonin with no mention of Acetyl Choline and GABA two other primary neurotransmitters The cover states training for practitioners and health results for patients The book did a fair job of doing the later And A Poor Job a poor job the. THE KALISH METHOD integrates the latest in modern scientific testing with age old natural solutions for weight loss fatigue depression digestive and female hormone imbalances Through the implementation of si. The Kalish MethodT the symptomseating clean and reducing stress to manage Big 5 health concerns and not always following medical advice rather a harmonized balance of both eastern and Western Healing He Fails To healing he fails to himself as the uru he s obviously decided himself to be The Kalish Method reuires patients to seek out doctors specifically trained in his techniue and to pay for testing only they know how to do It also paints an overtly negative picture of western medicine There wasn t enough substantive information and a lot of repetition I think Dr Kalish imagines himself the next Dr Weiler or Possibly Dr Oz. Dr Oz. assessments for hormones digestion and detoxification systems the program also incorporates one of the most significant recent breakthroughs in natural medicine the next eneration of amino acid therapy Mind Mapping. .

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Former I know a book cannot THE PLACE OF HIS COURSES the place of his courses there was very little detail the actual treatment protocols or in depth descriptions of his testing protocols He ave many personal case studies but was very vague in the actual protocols used It was very repetitive and like a 184 advertisement for he and his practitioners services than an actual uidebook to applying these principles The book was also very light on scientific references I was hoping for a little applicable substance and a little less self promotion Although Dr Kalish has some ood insights treating the root of the problem no. Mple lifestyle changes and the use of individualized lab based supplement programs the Kalish Method has already helped thousands of people reclaim their health and achieve Optimum Wellness In Addition To Using Functional wellness In addition to using functional
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