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How to Write a Damn Good Novel II Advanced Techniues For Dramatic StorytellingUel to that and no onger flirting around with the idea of writing I can t measure in words The Extent To Which I extent to which I taken to heart all the advice in this book The most important thing to take to heart are the 7 deadly sins of writing 1 Timidity Oh this is the worst2 Trying to be Literary 3 Ego Writing4 Failure to writing 1 Timidity Oh this is the worst2 Trying to be Literary 3 Ego Writing4 Failure to To Re dream the Dream5 Failure to Keep Faith With

God how many of us fallen prey to this6 Wrong Lifestyle7 Failure to Produce Time Slipping Away Writer s BlockThis book is short concise no nonsense approach and a must read for all writers It s just amazing book The words clear and clean Facing Redemption like Hemingway use to do iearned a ot of things about the characters and the staff must including in the fiction novel I strode within pages and climb to the summit to discover the craft of making o damn good novel Premise charactersand all chapter were useful for writers There are a few things How to Write a Damn Good Novel II Advanced Techniues is not it is not a magic wand it is not a waste of time it is not ight reading and it is not a book for the beginning writer This book assumes that you have a reasonable grasp on how to formulate a plot write characters and handle a premise without which your plot is just another absurdist comedy regardless of your pacing or gripping action seuences Premise is what your book aims to prove in around 80000 words If you haven t spent at east a few thousand hours on writing then this book ikely will not be as useful to you as another book on the bare bones of writing As promised in the title Frey delivers hard hitting advice on how to write with increased complexity and realism He starts off with a chapter on the Fictive dream which it is your job as the author to induce and how it s not in fact a dream at all but a trance The following chapters are The History of Provincetown like nested foroops for the coders or the dreams within a dream from Inception for everyone else If you re one of the three people that hasn t seen Inception basically it s a multi Captured layered frame taleike that old shaggy dog about the scout خاطرات یک زن توده ای leader telling a story about the scout. Aspiring authors Here in How to Write a Damn Good Novel II Frey offers powerful advanced techniues to build suspense create fresher interesting characters and achieve greater reader sympathy empathy and identification How to Write a Damn Good Novel II also warns against the pseudo rules often inflicted upon writers rules such as The author must always be invisible and You must stick to Leader telling a story about the scouteader ad nauseum EXCEPT Your stories better only induce nausea from terror and wicked descriptions not boredom or your writing dreams are DOARead my full review at Even better than its predecessor which is often not the case also and also *often not true this is useful either with or without having read the first boo Sport music acting *not true this is useful either with or without having read the first boo Sport music acting If you want to be good enough that thousands of people pay to watch you can t just do it on your native brilliance James N Frey has coached thousands of writers seen the mistakes we all make and has plenty of ideas to nudge us in the right directions Common sense matter of fact Is Government the Source of Monopoly? and Other Essays (Cato Paper ; No. 9) light at times personal I found this very helpful This second volume is in places a bit speculative than the first but both titles are gems Any of us writers willing to eat humble pasty andearn from others will earn plenty from this My favourite books on the craft others will earn plenty from this My favourite books on the craft fiction writing There are problems with this book clearly problems with the entire idea that Frey has embarked on teaching for he had to come up with a second book in his treatise on how to write a novel This is a book that deals with the Craft of writing fiction Throughout the work and the previous work Frey is good enough to uote from many texts to support his concept on how to write your workClearly it does work for him and others It will see you to the finish of writing a novel This book does add and even contradicts the previous work and the conce This is book is a follow up to How to Write a Damn Good Novel but even if you didn t read Frey S First Book This Book first book this book as promised and is also a book you could return to time after time for inspiration Filled with great tips written in a uniue way and with ots of examples Frey covers gaining sympathy and empathy from readers by using simple details getting readers to identify with characters and compelling readers to tune in to what will happen to your characters The premise of a story Frey says can be found in the subtext As an example he gives an of the Three Little Pigs a story about wisdom and foolishne. Single viewpoint in a scene which cramp the imagination and deaden the narrative Frey focuses instead on promises that the author makes to the reader promises about character narrative voice story type and so on which must be kept if the reader is to be satisfied This book is rich instructive honest and often tellingly funny about the way writers sometimes fail their readers and themselve.

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I ve presented at scores of writers conferences on nonfiction topics and sat in on many fiction workshops but most are a bit vapid Not Jim s He gives you meat
potatoes you can take home fuel your own fiction If you are thinking of writing a novel read this book ReedIII uick Review This is a worthy continuation of Frey s first book Useful practical information as before Emotionally and intellectually covers not just how but also why to write fiction I ve been reading this book bit by bit as part of a self imposed weekly study day I ve found bits of it really useful and bits of it really not useful What I tend to think nowadays is that reading techniue books is nearly always valuable even you don t earn anything new or revolutionary as ong as you read a wide variety and approach them all with an open but grounded mind The biggest problem with this book is that it claims to deal with advanced techniues I imagine most serious writers will agree that there is nothing particularly advanced about any of the techniues outlined in this book I haven t read How to Write a Damn Good Novel I but I suspect it is the need to expand on this that has ed to the use of the word advanced That said I found Frey s style engaging and readable enough that I was comfortable with weighing up my own opinion and mentally arguing when I didn t agree I found it useful to think about genres that I don t write in and I found the constant reference to the same two or three texts really useful to thinking about techniue and style It was interesting to peek into another writer s process and it was valuable to think about how writing is taughtOverall I think this is a valuable read for any fiction writer You don t have to agree with everything Frey says to get something out of it you just have to be strong enough to disagree Years ago when I was still flirting with the idea of writing I picked of James Frey S How To Write A Damn Good Novel Frey s How To Write A Damn Good Novel all the book was worth it was ost on me because well I was only flirting with the idea which reminds me I m due for a reread of that This time around reading the se. Damn good fiction is dramatic fiction Frey insists whether it is by Hemingway or Grisham Le Carre or Ludlum Austen or Dickens Despite their differences these authors' works share common elements strong narrative Running from Strangers lines fascinating characters steadily building conflicts and satisfying conclusions Frey's How to Write a Damn Good Novel is one of the most widely used guides ever published for.