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Un monstre dans les céréales yIned with its easy readable writing Both Wild Boy and Clarissa were complex interesting characters and I shipped them likeou wouldn t believe Its intended audience was YA I believe even though the main characters were very oung at 1112 Years OldHowever It Read Like A years oldHowever it read like a grade albeit a disturbing one I knew who the killer was less than halfway through the book After that the story followed one predictable action after another down to the typical damsel in distress and dramatic killer reveal dialogue and scene For murder mysteries to hold our interests they can t be predictable It ruins the fun of guessing It was enjoyable but predictable I recommend anything by Agatha Christie if ou re looking for something unpredictable and historical murder mystery Actual rating 45This was fantastic Review to come xx My daughter needed to read a mystery novel as part of a school project so on the recommendation of my son we chose Wild Boy A few thoughts to come 4 STARS American Horror Story FREAKSHOW meets Sherlock HolmesMurder mayhem mystery action friendship and batshit craziness I will now need a copy of this for my shelf because it was awesome I loved the 1800s carnivalfair atmosphere and this was definitely a dark Middle Grade read The writing was incredible and the author did an amazing job at reeling ou into the story and making ou feel as if an amazing job at reeling ou into the story and making ou feel as if were right there in 1800s London walking on cobblestone streets and inhaling the sweet scents of the fair the sludgy sewage and the in 1800s London walking on cobblestone streets and inhaling the sweet scents of the fair the sludgy sewage and the hair of Wild Boy I swear Wild Boy is like a oung version of Sherlock from the Elementary TV series and I found that extremely exciting If Impossible Things you re looking for something fun dark funny mysterious and full of action check this one out Richard. Se his powers of deduction to save himself And will the talented and spunkyoung acrobat Clarissa be with him or against him Readers will be swept along by the cinematic pace immersed in the vivid historical setting and gripped by suspense as they wait to find out if a better fate could possibly await someone so very differe.

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St book this one Wild Boy makes friends with the acrobat girl Clarissa after they are accused of a gruesome murder There s a weird machine they are accused of a gruesome murder There s a weird machine that newfangled stuff electricity and lots of secrets and lies It s a good read for pretty much anyone I would like to recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story Especially anyone who has considered joining a circus enjoys a heartfelt mystery or has felt like an outsider I cannot get enough esoteric historical fictionThis book is fast paced and deals with a lot of deep issues Such as loss insecurities fear not feeling like one belongs etc Which is interesting since this book is classified as junior fiction There is violence suspense and most importantly an emphasis on the different sides of a spectrum I would recommend this book to readers 7th grade and up especially if one considers themselves to be a reluctant reader Le sigh Abandoned at birth and given to a freakshow at 8 Wild Boy has learned to never trust anyone and to consider himself a monsterIt s 1841 London England A boy covered from head to toe in hair is forced to perform in front of vicious crowds In order to keep himself going Wild Boy watches people He sees things about them that no one else does and in time develops a useful skill of deduction He can learn facts from a person with a single glance with subtle hints and clues on their clothes or movements When there s a murder in the fairground Wild Boy is blamed and forced to go into hiding With his deduction skill under his wing and Clarissa the circus acrobat who was accused alongside him he sets out to solve who the real killer was and clear their namesIt had so much potentialStarting out strong with uniue engaging characters the story keeps ou enterta. From other children and wickedly abused by the cruel master who bought him Wild Boy becomes an avid observer developing Sherlock Holmes–like deductive skills Although he is tormented and insulted kicked and spat at his uick mind takes in everything he sees When a murder occurs at the fair Wild Boy is hastily accused Can he

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One Sentence Review Action packed with a SherlockVictorian twist and A That Will Have Kids Wondering When The Heck mystery that have kids wondering when the heck seuel s coming out To be fair if there were half star ratings I would give it a 35 stars because first of all it created tension all around and it hooked me in till the last word Second it had a shocking end which made the book heart breaking and third though it did hook me it had a slow start and the author was describing the setting a lot which made things a bit boring because I personally like to make a picture with my own imagination and the author this case it like here is how it should look Nice book and I can definitely see why this one was chosen as a Red Dot There was a lot of great inner thinking for Wild Boy and I love how fast the plot played out and how unexpected it was towards the end This book again seems to highlight what it means to be different in today s world to stand out and to suffer the conseuences It makes me wonder what it means for someone to be different and why people feel to against being different Besides from being different this book also seems to show two sides to every character like there are two sides to many people in life Examples of these are Finch and Clarissa Overall a nice book to cap off the ear and a good read to anyone Happy New Year One of my favourite books off the Wachten op Apollo year and a good read to anyone Happy New Year One of my favourite books back in the day when I was just a small boy Shorter than I remember but still fantastic a great era and characters even though the story is a bit predictable Ifou want a short lil mystery I say go for it x Fun read I think it s a chapter book for ounger readers but it doesn t talk down and it s a great steampunk ish adventure with Wild Boy as a sort of junior Sherlock Holmes In the fir. Murder mystery meets carnival flair in a rollicking Victorian adventure centered on a boy with a uniue appearance and uniue giftsIn the seedy underworld of Victorian London a boy is born and abandoned Snatched up by an unscrupulous and abusive showman Wild Boy covered in hair from head to toe becomes a sideshow freak Isolated. Wild Boy