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Schnoz I m friends with Nenia on Goodreads this has in no way affected my rating Karly s Authors Who Rock Challenge Full isclosure Yes I am friends with Nenia no way affected my rating Karly s Authors Who Rock Challenge Full The Algorithmic Beauty of Seaweeds Sponges and Corals disclosure Yes I am friends with Nenia here on Goodreads and no that isn t going to affect my review of this story in any way If you think it would or should back away back away VERY uickly35 StarsEndgame read uite a bit like aystopian Rapunzel re telling to me now I think this may just be a me thing I o not think Campbell had that comparison in mind whilst Writing It I Could Every it I could Every in a while I wake

Up And Have To 
and have to out whether the events that just transpired in my head were memory or ream On occasion a Manipulation and Dark Psychology dream is so vivid so real that it seems wholly probable that it actually happened For me thesereams tend to be of a mundane nature a meeting at work spending time with a friend masticating a kumuat So trivial are these types of Women's Activism and Social Change Rochester New York 1822 1872 dreams that Ion t even need to spend time The Western Scar: The Theme of the Been-To in West African Fiction dwelling on whether they actually happened or not it s not that important really Of course I ve neverreamed that I went on a genocidal killing spreeUnfortunately for Volera our heroine in Endgame she not only has to confront that Understanding Shutter Speed dream but the frightening possibility that it s far than just the vivid imaginings of a sleeping brain Set in aystopian environment where professional game players help non pros navigate a series of harsh virtual scenarios Endgame is a uick read that manages to pack action and revelation into the final 20 pages than happens in the rest of the book And aye there s the rub as our old friend the Danish prince once said Campbell is clearly a talented storyteller with a head full of intriguing ideas that are clamoring to get out of her mind palace and frolic across the page There are intriguing nuggets of story all over the place the way the virtual gaming world works the mysterious backstory the increasingly terrifying truths that are hinted at all of which propel the reader forwardUnfortunately there s a The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse disconcertingisconnect between the parts where I wanted Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature detail about the world and the characteristics of its people about where these games fit into the social hierarchy about the supporting characters or even the major characters and the parts whereetail comes in such a confusing rush that it s hard to figure out what s going on even though it seems like it s intriguing stuff case in point the aforementioned 20 pages I also The Writing Workshop didn t feel overly invested in Vol or her tormentorman candysavior Catan and I tend to struggle a bit when I m reading something where Ion t really connect with the characters That might be of a personal thing though just because I Agricultural Engineering didn t fall in love with these charactersoesn t mean others will feel the same I mean I like Egon than I like Venkman so what Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse does that say about me Ion t think I ll continue with this series but I How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture d certainly be open to reading of Campbell s work Whether you connect with the characters or find the pacing of the story to your likingear readerswell that s for you to An Alien Heat decide As for me I have kumuats that need masticating Orid I just The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society dream thatThanks to the fabulous Jessasaurus Rexerrific for the buddy read This was inspired by Karlington s Authors Who Rock idea and by Jess s indie August 35 stars For a good while now I have been following GR author Nenia Campbell around the site and yes in a bit stalk ish way lol because of her honestemocratic much insightful reviews and I have always been curious about the books she wrote It turned out I Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance did have a good reason to be curious She is undoubtedly a talented writer This is my first time reading a novel about a protagonist whooes gaming for a living She actually gets paid to play games How awesome is that Not as awesome as I thought though because the games though via virtual simulations have the tendencies to become so Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings dangerous they could inflict real pain wounds and worseeath upon the gamers Thank you plain ol office job What makes things worse is that our heroine Volera or simply Vol has lost a huge chunk of her memories but what makes things even worse r than worse Evil Superman lookalike Brandon Routh version called Catan keeps stalking her even inside the sims Why so lucky Vol The world building although both a bit too much because of information overload about the worlds and their names that are Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) difficult to pronounce and somehow also a little insufficient because of the limited background introduction is still creative and the plot is something unexpected It may have hurt and confused my head than once and the conclusion was certainly mindboggling but in a good wayRecommended for anyone looking for a short uniue and intriguingystopian novelThanks to Kat s awesome review that further motivated me to read the boo. Deadly games Games that tell a story of profound corruption and massive scale government conspiracies warping the lines between fact and fictionThe only clue she has comes in the form of an exceedingly frustrating and potentially Gramatica de baza a limbii romane dangerous man named Catan Vareth But like everything else in her world his help will cost herCoveresign by Louis.
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review Endgame Virtual Reality Standalones #1

Endgame Virtual Reality Standalones #1Was great I got to be blown away by the last few chapters again This series is so promising That s life Life is the ultimate game and its rules were made chapters again This series is so promising That s life Life is the ultimate game and its rules were made be broken Wow The plot was very Suggestive Inuiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature different and uniue for me I ve never read a book in which a character plays games and gets paid for itAnd as cool as that soundsthe games were prettyangerous Vol lived in a ystopian world where the games were much interesting and the players could feel everything when they are playing the game As if these angerous games weren t enoughVol also idn t remember her past and if these angerous games weren t enoughVol also idn t remember her past and nightmares in which she used to get flashbacks of her life which she had forgottenThe story started off in a very interesting wayI liked Vol S Character From The Beginning She Was character from the beginning she was and had an amazing personalityThe games kept getting violent and angerouswith that Vol was getting curious about her past which she couldn t rememberThere was also a love interestand even though it wasn t the main part of the storyI really enjoyed it I was intrigued by Catan s character since the first time he appearedNot only he was a stalker and had that creepy look all the timehe also knew something about Vol s past It s my second book by Nenia Campbelland I love her books for having strong characters and mysterious plotI truly enjoyed this bookAnd apart from the gamesit also had a lot of information about the world and how it workedIt was a short read and I loved it It wasn t until the end that I realized it is a series The last few chapters were the best part of the bookand now I can t wait to read the next book after that Cliffhanger I have been sitting on this for a few Grassroots Leviathan days trying to sort out my feelings and I m still a big ball of Ion t know what the hell just happened This story focuses on Volera a young woman who is living in a Voices and Veils dystopian world and is paid to play this world s version of video games These games are fully immersive and interactive and you are connected to electrodes and all sorts of weird other things while you play Sounds like aream right Well why Facts and Features of English History, a Series of Alternating Reading and Memory Exercises does Vol keep blacking out Who is the mysterious new Moderator of play and whyoes he seem so interested in her What is going on Does anyone remember the movie Existenz That is the vibe I got from this book from the very beginning First things first I have had this book on my to read list for ages and although I was 57 Ways to Screw Up in Grad School doing my Indie August Challenge this book completely slipped my mind and I jumped into Fearscape as my pick of Nenia s for this challenge But when Seanilicious added this and I realized I could fit another book into my challenge Iid exactly that But I am sad to say that unlike my love of Fearscape and Gavin especially Gavin this was not a hit for me Let s make a shit sandwich shall weThe bottom slice of breadCatan Oh Catan Yep I ll have one of him please Nenia you write such wonderfully mysterious Love in Bloom dick ish and yet loveable male leads Since you are so intent on not engaging me in our world I m going to pursue you in yours Vol and Catan s interactions were often hilarious and had me laughing out loud Vol s wit is fantastic and she uses it to her advantage You wouldn t say that if you knew who I amTrust me I ve seen an asshole before The filling of the sandwichThis had many spelling grammar and editing errors that slipped through the cracks I can let some slide but these were numerous enough to annoy meI found that the beginnings of the game play seuences were a little long winded Sure when playing a game you will be taking a look around and checking out your surroundings but most of the time I thought theescriptions were a little excessive There was also a bit of what I will call Maze Runner itis There were several words that were used to African Native Literature: Or, Proverbs, Tales, Fables and Historical Fragments in the Kanuri or Bornu Language describe characters without us having anything to reference them against It s all well and good to say things about a Selmerian character but whatoes a Selmerian look like and what traits The Alcohol Bible does a Meridian have that a Bastanioes not I had trouble actually picturing the characters in my head because of this The top slice of breadNenia is an excellent writer of tension The foreboding feeling of this really gave me a sense of urgency to get to the end to figure out what was happening It kept me turning the pages and engagedBUT That ending Nope Nope Nope Information overload Too much too late Nope Did not enjoy It Hermetic Alchemy Science and Practice The Golden Dawn Alchemy Series 2 didn t feel finishedOverall this was interesting and engaging but it had its flaws I won t be continuing this series I ll stick to the Horrorscape series instead because that is much my style 3 break my heart Catan Stars I m giving you until I finish myrink to change your mindAnd thenWe see if your heart can stand to be broken a little Thanks for the buddy read Seanilicious AKA The Wizard Of. Ve Regency but by night she is wracked by terrible nightmares that hint at a past she can no longer remember She suspects she might have killed someone and she's afraid that she might IELTS Academic and General Task 2 How to Write at a Band 9 Level do it againAt the same time the games she's playing are growing steadily violent Someone is hacking into the system and creating bootlegged games Dangerous games.