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Working hard and learning things and weren t so lazy Pure Pratchett an ageless story with universal appeal to both children and adults This is one of the most serious stories of Discworld as Terry Pratchett knew perfectly well that if you write to and about children you have to be serious otherwise it won t workI wish I could have been like Tiffany Aching as a child unafraid with First Sight to see what is really there and Second Thoughts thinking about what you are thinking and lots of common sense Hell as an adult I still want to be Tiffany Well First Sight does not work all the time though I am getting better at Second Thoughts and ThirdI don t have a daughter I have a small son nevertheless I hope we will read this book and others of the Discworld series together one day to remind me and show him that you don t need to own and brandish a sword to be a hero sometimes a firm grip on a frying pan and on facts suffices it takes courage to accept and to be yourself but it s worth it ust because you are not a princeprincess it does not mean that you don t have your own story that you have to go and uestion stories and not take them at face value Them as can do has to do for them as can t And someone has to speak up for them as has no voices It doesn t stop being magic ust because you know how it works Netgalley arc provided by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review I really really wish that I had a younger girl cousin to pass this book onto because I think it s a perfect antidote for some of the books that are enjoying a vogue right now cough Twilight cough Where the latter feature some downright disturbing gender politics The Wee Free Men has a heroine who s sensible and smart and capable a realistic strong relationship between grandmother and granddaughter a world where women are bounded by preconceptions and gender roles and fears but a nine year old girl is still strong enough to take on the ueen of Fairie armed only with a frying pan All that and Pratchett s trademark wry humour and slightly dark take at some of our best loved assumptions really well worth the read I m a huge fan of dangerous books for boys I love classic boys literature whether Dumas s Count of Monte Cristo Kipling s Jungle Book Burroughs A Princess of Mars Tolkien s The Hobbit or Heinlein s uvenile fiction I love good stories that instruct boys in being adults I love them for being persistently politically incorrect not Talking About Trees just now but then I love them because they are stories by people who obviously know boys and know what they need And I love them forust being fun and exciting adventure stories They abide despite the distaste of limp wristed educators that would rather that little boys don t read them and are horrified when boys play with pretend weapons I see that and I see someone that hates boys and for that matter doesn t have a particularly high opinion of girls either Far be it from me to be a child hater who insists that little boys and girls never be messy smelly or wild You can t learn bravery or wisdom if you learn nothing about risk You can t learn to be gentle if you aren t first strongBut I don t have boys I have two girls That isn t to say that I don t intend to read to them all the great boy s literature because I don t think that boys and girls are all so different as all of that But there Alien Contact just aren t a lot of dangerous books for girls There aren t many daring books which feature female protagonists and address the uestion of growing up through a girl s eyes in ways that I approve of Even Rowling s Harry Potter features at its heart a daring young man not a daring young woman And too much young adult literature for girls makes girls lives seem like they are all about boys and spend too little time on the other important thingsSo of course if you ve read this book you can imagine myoy at finding a story which is in the model of the best boy s literature but has as its protagonist a girl And what a girl If you haven t read The Wee Free Men the protagonist is young Tiffany Aching shepherd girl and cheese maker who you ll fall in love with by the end of the first chapter She s little but she is doughtyTo give anything away about the plot would be unfair to the reader The story is set on Pratchett s Discworld but the connections are very loose and the reader gives up only a few easter eggs by not having read anything else in the series There is no need to read Lords and Ladies or have an existing relationship with Granny Weatherwax than there is a need to read the Silmarillion before reading The Lord of the Rings So go ahead and open this story up be you young or old boy or girl fan of fantasy or no this is a treasureI love reading to my girls but I sometimes get anxious for the probably all too uickly coming days when I can read something to them with meat something which is nearer and dearer to my heart If I could only read them two fiction books I d read them Tolkien s The Hobbit and Pratchett s The Wee Free Men It s of that statureSome of my readers being who they are or knowing who I am may wonder that I d so recommend this tale of witchcraft Well for one thing there isn t a lot of actual witchcraft in the craft that Pratchett teaches The problem with the word witch is that it means so many different things to so many different people that it really means nothing unless you know what it is pointing to In Pratchett s case the word witch might as well mean nerd because they are essentially pointing to the same idea But for people that don t know that words are merely pointers and have no meaning until they are addressed and dereferenced or who are uncomfortable with that let me add this addition I m my children s parent not a book There isn t anything made by man which doesn t have a something in it which isn t fully edifying I can round off the rough corners of my children s developing understanding fairly easily I can talk with them about what they read I would have to do that no matter what they read for there is nothing written in the tongues of men that can t be misunderstood What I can t do so easily is inspire children I can t

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easily make them care make them excited so that they know something not The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past just in their heads but also in their hearts For that I need the help of stories and this is a good one filled with many things that are virtuous and true I m not going to let any minor confusion get in the way of that I will never be able to write a book as good as thisIust finished reading it again This is probably my third or fourth time I love all of Pratchett s books It s easy to do as the best of them are utterly excellent while the worst of them is merely great This I think might be his best And I love it for so many reasons It is diamond beyond price among the other brilliant but perhaps lesser diamondsPart of me wants to uote parts of it to you But I won t Out of context you can t feel the weight of themI love it to you But I won t Out of context you can t feel the weight of themI love main character A little girl who is smart and strong and uncertain and proudI wish I had a little girl so I could give her this book I wish I could give a copy of this book for every little girl in the world I want them to meet Tiffany And even if they don t want to be like Tiffany I want them to know that she exists That she is possible I wish I could give a copy of this book to every little boy in the world too I want them to meet Tiffany And even if they don t want to be like her I want them to know that she exists that she is possible I wish I could read this book to my little boy But he s only five and parts of it would spook him and other parts he wouldn t understand Maybe in a year he will be readyIf you haven t read this book you really should You ll enjoy it a little if you re familiar with Pratchett s Work but that s not essentialWhen I grow up I want to be Tiffany Aching. Ng six inch high blue menTogether they must face headless horsemen ferocious grimhounds terrifying dreams come true and ultimately the sinister ueen of the Elves hersel.

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The Wee Free MenY blog posts or Goodreads reviews so I don t know what is going on The last time I remember laughing really hard at a book it was one small part of The Kid What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant by Dan Savage Terry Pratchett deserves a better reader than me because this is a funny book Tiffany Aching is the kind of girl you want your daughter to read about And your son he can read books with girls in them too In the course of discovering she is a witch and with the help of the titular Wee Free Men who are like drunken filthy mouthed Smurfs saving her little brother Labyrinth style she learns she is a strong and capable girl with her own identity and a link to past generations of powerful women This is clearly why the back of the book mentions Buffy the Vampire SlayerI said this was YA but aside from being light and easy to read it is also well considered and thoughtful and yes funny Probably Pictsies not PixiesWhile Terry Pratchett s 2003 Discworld STORY signifying that it is young adult book introduces the spunky and likable nine year old protagonist Tiffany Aching spawning four books the true heroes of this very enjoyable adventure are the Nac Mac FeegleStanding six inches tall ginger bearded and blue tattooed the Wee Free Men are fearless profane in a YA approved package and like stealing drinking and fighting They are as hilarious as minions kick ass and have names like Rob Anybody Daft Wullie Big Aggie Wee Jock and No as big as Medium Sized Jock but bigger than Wee Jock JockRealizing that she sees the world differently than others Tiffany befriends the little people and gets sideways of the Elf ueen who has kidnapped her little brotherPratchett s humor and imagination mainstays of the Discworld experience are on full display and this is a great story to bootAnd it has wee pictsies I plan to use this book in the future as a strategic weapon for introducing my future hypothetical daughter to the world of Terry Pratchett s imagination Yes I see it as a gateway drug to fuel addiction to Sir Terry s writing And that s the addiction I m happy to perpetuateAfter all this book introduces Tiffany Aching whom I love to pieces and want to adopt to be my level headed and practical little sister Yes I m me I am careful and logical and I look up things I don t understand When I hear people use the wrong words I get edgy I am good with cheese I read books fast I think And I always have a piece of string That s the kind of person I am This book is written to be accessible to kids and adults alike since Pratchett does not stoop to the condescending and patronizing attitude that can easily plague the story written for ahem younger members of society No you see Pratchett seems to believe that intelligent young characters as well as intelligent young readers obviously are perfectly capable of following stories with several layers of complexity in them Zoology eh That s a big word isn t itNo actually it isn t said Tiffany Patronizing is a big word Zoology is really uite shortThis book is also uite accessible to those who are Bibliographia Aethiopica II just starting theirourney into the superficially magical but actually very firmly grounded in reality and not afraid to deal with uncomfortable issues and ask uncomfortable uestions world that Pratchett created And please don t be fooled that the action takes place on a flat planet traveling through space on the back of four elephants standing on a back of a giant space turtle the issues he writes about are uite applicable to the lives of people on a giant blue green ball hurtling through space while circling along the hot yellow SunIn The Wee Free Men nine year old Tiffany Aching a budding witch in a country that does not take kindly to witchcraft has her first encounters with the supernatural world of Discworld Intelligent and reasonable and practical she takes it uite in stride and so when her world is threatened by the invasion of monsters from the not so nice fairy tales she firmly stands her ground armed with little but a frying pan analytical reasoning common sense and Third Thoughts And Tiffany thought No that was A Third Thought I M Thinking About Third Thought I m thinking about I think about what I m thinking At least I think so and supported by a rowdy clan of the Mac Nag Feegle the titular Wee Free Men a race of blue skinned six inch tall pesky warriors who speak in vaguely Scottish dialect and are terrified of the evil also known as Lawyers Another world is colliding with this one said the toad There Happy now That s what Miss Tick thinks But it s happening faster than she expected All the monsters are coming back Why There s no one to stop them There was silence for a moment There s me said Tiffany In this book Pratchett creates eually memorable settings that are polar opposites of each other On one hand we have The Chalk a land of green hills that are suited for shepherding and populated by sturdy rural folk that do not take kindly to things like witchcrafting Ordinary fortune tellers tell you what you want to happen witches tell you what s going to happen whether you want it to or not Strangely enough witches tend to be accurate but less popular In fact they d prefer to burn witches for little less than the suspicion of being one You see most people there unlike Tiffany do not stop to think about what they re doing and why they re doing it But Tiffany is not the one to go along with the crowd thinking without stopping to think for herself and uestion her motives and reasonsOn the other side of Tiffany s reality there is the Fairie a surreal dream like place and when I say dream like I m referring not to the warm fluffy place of children s book but the dreams from which you wake up screaming and covered in sweat This is a dream after all Tiffany told herself It doesn t have to make sense or be nice It s a dream not a daydream People who say things like May all your dreams come true should try living in one for five minutes But nothing in this fantastical and yet horrifying world is ever prepared for Tiffany with her logical mind and common sense and fierce desire to protect anything that is hers Yes I m me I am careful and logical and I look up things I don t understand When I hear people use the wrong words I get edgy I am good with cheese I read books fast I think And I always have a piece of string That s the kind of person I amThe best thing about Tiffany Aching A BUDDING WITCH IN THE COUNTRY THAT DOES NOT budding witch in the country that does not of witchcraft is her propensity to uestion things and information that others take for granted She bases her conclusions on evidence and is able to think and reason intelligently Not too many young literary heroines have actually shown this ability even though some of them claim they have For this alone I want to give her a huge bear hug and invite her to sleepovers with my future hypothetical daughter And all the stories had somewhere the witch The wicked old witchAnd Tiffany had thought Where s the evidenceThe stories never said why she was wicked It was enough to be an old woma This lovely can teach you a lesson you won t forget in a hurry A lesson about the Nac Mac Feegle those dreaded Wee Free Scottish Cutie Men About the useful utility of an 8 skillet there s a reason it s exactly 8 inchesunless Some Poor Sod Has Failed poor sod has failed his Hair Raising: Beauty, Culture, and African American Women job and lets face it we re all human aren t we About aching Achings grumpy Grannies witchy Tickies they dry out uickly If you re not into a good belly of humor well we might not make good friends but I ll still recommend you this book because we were meant to be good friends and I think your humor is full of belly it s the Bride o the sky HaYoung Tiffany Aching saving the world one frying pan at a time My first Pratchett If you trust in yourselfand believe in your dreamsand follow your star you ll still get beaten by people who spent their time. Inst the monsters of Fairyland Luckily she has some very unusual help the local Nac Mac Feegle – aka the Wee Free Men – a clan of fierce sheep stealing sword wieldi.